Chris Jericho Gives Huge Praise To Abadon

AEW have received a massive amount of criticism since it’s inception for the way that the women’s division is booked. While AEW have many talented women on the roster, fans have been left underwhelmed for some time now.

One of the talents with the most potential – Abadon – has been appearing on Dark a lot as of late. Abadon is a dark and creepy female wrestler who has an excellent gimmick. Chris Jericho is someone who has huge praise for her, and he is encouraging fans to get behind her now.

Chris Jericho said on his Saturday Night Special,

“Abadon is this really creepy gimmick and she signed with us and she’s going to be a huge, huge force in women’s division because this looks like some kind of zombie from Evil Dead combined with Train to Busan, or something like that. So, it’s really cool stuff.”

So if you have not seen Abadon on AEW Dark, go look for her because she’s got a great look and it’s really believable. It’s really creepy and it’s actually really scary and I’m a big fan of hers.”

Chris has subtly spoken about the women’s division in the past and praised stars like Tay Conti. He also stated that whilst he isn’t a fan of alot of championships within a company, he is a fan of potential women’s tag team titles.

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