AEW Dynamite Preview & Live Coverage (8/12/20)


All Elite Wrestling looks to usher in its first ever edition of Tag Team Appreciation Night as tonight’s show is set to have tag team wrestling legends as well as two tag team matches that look sure to bang. Advertised to appear tonight are the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton, and two of the four horsemen, FKA the Brainbusters, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard.

As for the tag team matches, we will see the Youngbucks face Dark Order members Stu Grayson & Evil Uno, and, in a match that was originally advertised as a non-title match, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page will defend the AEW World Tag Team Championship against the Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus).

Elsewhere on the card, the TNT Championship Open Challenge will continue as Cody defends the title against Scorpio Sky (fun fact: as of tonight, he will be the first man to have competed for all three official AEW male championships) and the much anticipated rematch between Chris Jericho & Orange Cassidy will take place. If Cassidy loses, he will owe Jericho $7,000 to fix the jacket that was ruined when Cassidy told the AEW production team to dump orange juice on the Inner Circle.

Tune in back here at 7 PM CST for Live Coverage of AEW Dynamite.

Live Coverage

The Young Bucks vs The Dark Order

It seemed like we were starting off hot with the bucks; however, masked members of the Dark Order attacked the Bucks from behind before Uno & Grayson could come out to start the match prematurely.

Starting off this match is Nick Jackson as he seems to be in a handicap as Matt was left laying on the stage. Grayson got Nick on the outside for the other dark order members to intimidate him, but Matt came flying off the stage to deliver a senton to them.

Nick gets the hot tag to Matt and Matt looks to overpower Uno & Grayson. He tags Nick back in to double team Stu Grayson and then perform an assisted neckbreaker to Evil Uno. It was not long until the Dark Order would get on offense against the man with the bad back who is Matt Jackson again.

As Dark Order try to double team Matt to keep him away from Nick, Matt gets a poisonrana on Grayson and slides under Uno to finally get the tag. Nick makes his amazing comeback that he performs beautifully in tags before shouting “best comeback in the business!”

I agree it is.

After Nick took out Grayson on the outside with a superkick, he rolled Evil Uno into the room so he and Matt could perform a moonsault/springboard splash combo for a two count. The Bucks would also perform an assisted swanton to Uno, but the evil one himself would get his foot on the rope before three.

Dark Order performed their 450/cannonball combo, now called the Yin & Yang, but Nick would kick out after taking the splash. Uno would get Nick in a suplex position when Grayson performed a roundhouse leading to Uno’s brainbuster. Matt Jackson would come in to break up the pin attempt.

Grayson led Matt into the entrance way where the masked members would hold him hostage. As Uno & Grayson went for their finisher, the Fatality, Nick Jackson would counter into a roll up on Uno, which Grayson would not be able to break up the pin in time. The Young Bucks defeat the Dark Order.

Good choice to have as the opener, but that is normal for the Young Bucks. The Bucks get a win back over the Dark Order OGs. Not much more to say on this. Good work from all performers.

Following the match, MJF is coming out of what is presumably his campaign office. He says that the new gum guy is good, but berates his female assistant when she speaks up before being spoken too. As he is walking down the hallway, he pushes one of the men flanking his into the wall and tells the man to “stay out of his shot.” Clearly a call back to the time Samoa Joe did the same thing to him in the infamous Joe entrance that is likely to be known about by every fan of AEW.

After a few advertisements of what is to come on tonight’s show, a video was presented in which the tag team champions, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, were asked who their favorite tag team is. Omega said the Young Bucks, to which Page argued that he and his partner should be their favorite tag team. MJF is making his entrance as the interview ends and the show goes to commercial.

Coming back from break, MJF is ready to give another campaign address. He asks the audience to use the hashtags “MJF2020” and “notmychampion” again.

He says that he mourns for Jon Moxley not being here, and claims that he himself will always be here “and that’s a promise.” MJF mocks the fact that Moxley gets to fight people who are “happy to look up at the lights for him.” Then, Maxwell lays down on the mat and cuts a promo to the overhead camera while staying laid out on the mat.

After a while more of MJF talking, Jon Moxley’s music hits. MJF sends Wardlow & one of his assitants up the seats of the arena to find Moxley, but the AEW World Champion comes out of the entrance way and attacks MJF from behind. Mox throws Max into the debate stand, then picks him up for a paradigm shift.

Mox grabs a mic and says that this does not make him and MJF even and things will not be made even until All Out on 5 September.

Great segment, and great promo from MJF as per. MJF’s way of making a promo feel different was fantastic; I loved the idea of laying down while cutting a promo. The beatdown was deserved as well; Moxley had every reason to get back at MJF for the attack with the belt last week. I am very excited to see what we are in store for in this match at All Out.

We get a recap of the fight between Matt Hardy & Sammy Guevara from last week. Matt Hardy is then stood with Alex Marvez. Hardy says that he is cleared for competition ten days from now, and he will make sure to get back at Sammy when he can. Matt freaks out when he sees someone dressed like Sammy, but it turns out that the man he ends up attacking is referee Mike Posie (forgive me if I misspelled that).

Scorpio Sky is now making his entrance, and apparently knocks down a door during his entrance because wrestling. Sky vs Cody for the TNT title is next.

TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs Scorpio Sky

Just to get it out of the way real quick, I am not sure what I think of the TNT Championship. So far, the changes are not as noticeable as they should be, but I do believe it is better than what it was.

Also, the “Prince of Pro Wrestling?” Can Cody get any more self absorbed?

The match seems about even to start as both men counter each other’s moves with no one getting the upper hand in the first couple of minutes. Both Sky and Cody send their opponent outside the ring in that order, and each time the man inside held the rope as an invitation to his opponent. Inching closer to the break, both men spill over the top rope and down to the floor. They both get to a nine count outside before running into the ring at the same time. Cody takes control as the show goes to picture-in-picture.

Oh shoot, I did not realize until now that Mike Chioda is calling this match. This is unbelievable! Good get by All Elite Wrestling.

Both men are still about equal as the show comes back from break. Sky notices that Cody is favoring his chest, and takes control by wrapping the champion around the ring post and pulling his into the post by the arm and leg from the outside. He gets Cody back into the ring and locks in an abdominal stretch.

Sky goes for a fisherman’s cradle, but favors his lower back, which Cody takes advantage of by performing a superplex, but almost getting caught and losing the title with a small package. As Sky goes for the TKO, Cody counters with the Cross Rhodes, which Scorpio Sky kicks out of at two.

Cody goes for a tombstone like move, but Sky counters it and hits a jumping complete shot for a nearfall. Sky tries for a springboard cutter, but Cody once again hits him with a Cross Rhodes, this one putting Sky away for good. Cody defeats Scorpio Sky to retain the TNT Championship. Post match, Brodie Lee challenges Cody to a title match for 22 August while holding the former TNT Championship.

First off, I’m guessing next week’s Dynamite is being moved to a Saturday Night since this was the second time a show on a Saturday has been mentioned. As for the match, it was another Cody match and did not feel that different. It was alright; nowhere near bad, but not too great.

Following this, Private Party had an interview answering who their favorite tag team is, to which they responded with the Hardys.

Jurassic Express are making their way to the ring for their title match which looks to be taking place next.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs Jurassic Express

Hey look, seems like AEW Dark was right this time and this is a tag team title match. Maybe advertise this as such from the start, guys.

Kenny Omega & Jungle Boy start off this match. Omega tries a lockup, but Marko Stunt calls him out for it. This tension comes from a few weeks ago when Omega attacked Stunt uncalled for.

Jungle Boy takes control of Omega and tags in Luchasaurus. They double team Kenny with an assisted complete shot for a two count. Jungle Boy would then perform a move where he jumps off the top rope and used Luchasaurus’ back to land his knees and flip over for a senton on Omega; a move that looked quite scary to try. Luckily, he ended up alright.

Page gets tagged in and takes control of Jungleboy. He tags Omega in and they do the traditional “tag, double team, tag back spot” before trying their dueling chops spot. Jungle Boy fought through it, but Page hung him over the top rope for a diving clothesline before going picture-in-picture.

Luchasaurus has control over both of the champions coming back from break. He nails Omega with a tail whip kick before hitting Page with a roundhouse kick, chokeslam, and standing moonsault for a two.

Omega gets the blind tag and takes advantage of a prone Luchasaurus by hitting him with a v-trigger and two snap dragon suplexes. He attempts one on Jungle Boy, but gets sent out of the ring. Marko Stunt laughs, but gets a snap dragon himself. Jungle Boy dives at Omega, but then takes a snap dragon as well.

Omega nails a missile dropkick and fisherman’s suplex on Luchasaurus for a two count. Jurassic Express try to make a comeback, but the champs continue to overpower them. Jungle Boy distracts the ref, and while doing so Luchasaurus throws Marko Stunt out onto Kenny Omega on the outside.

Jurassic Express double team Page, with Omega coming in just in time to keep breaking up the pins. Luchasaurus is sent to the outside; while he’s out there, Page powerbombs Jungle Boy out onto him and Omega topes himself onto both men. Page performs a double powerbomb on Jungle Boy before a two, then the champs hit their Last Call double finisher on Jungle Boy for the victory. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega defeat Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy to retain the AEW World Tag Team Titles.

Fun match. Jurassic Express are the exact unit they are suppose to be, which is the fun group of up and comers that can help put on an excellent scene for a match. They fell short to the champs, but the story was still told. AEW did not forget the tension between Omega and Stunt, and the match was all the better because of that. Good stuff from all five participants.

Following the match, the cameras catch up with Santana & Ortiz. They seem to now have the Best Friend’s bags after trashing Trent’s mom’s car last week. They spill bleach all over Best Friend’s gear and leave their stuff laying in the shower. It seems all but certain a rematch will be made for All Out.

Personally, I hope this leads to the Best Friend’s becoming #1 Contenders again and actually winning the tag team titles from Omega & Page. This would be the best way to get Orange Cassidy holding a championship, so why not?

The Butcher and the Blade are now getting the interview question about their favorite tag team. They answer with the Road Warriors.

In the ring are FTR & the Brainbusters standing across from the Young Bucks & the Rock N Roll Express.

Matt Jackson says that he believes the RNR Express are the original Young Bucks. He says they inspired teams like the Rockers and the Hardys before saying they are now influential to the Young Bucks.

Dax Harwood says that he is a big mark for both legendary teams. He says it is because of them that he & Cash started living their lives as pro wrestlers and they are the reason that Dax now gets to provide for his family.

Ricky Morton says that he never misses an episode of AEW. He says he has never seem a team other than FTR put together a tag team match like Tully and Arn use to do.

Arn says that the Young Bucks have taken tag team wrestling and made it something completely different. He thinks that RNR Express still being in wrestling must be some kind of record.

The legends are now starting an argument of who is better between FTR & the Young Bucks. Tully Blanchard makes a point that a team must have a championship to show how great they are, and points out that neither team has AEW championship gold.

Shawn Spears walks out onto the stage, and a fight ensues between Ricky Morton & Tully Blanchard. Dax lays out after getting in the middle of the fight, favoring his leg that he hurt last week. Turns out, Dax was not hurt, and he & Cash attack RNR Express, hitting Ricky Morton with the assisted piledriver, Arn & Tully’s old finisher.

Hangman Page & Kenny Omega come out to run off FTR. No one believes what FTR have done.

Alex Marvez is interviewing Mike Chioda, and Chris Jericho walks into the interview saying he wants Chioda to officiate his match against Orange Cassidy. Chioda says he will call the match right down the middle.

Sammy Guevara is standing at the entry way with his usual signs as the show goes picture-in-picture. The signs clearly call out Matt and say Sammy is stuck in Matt’s head. Sammy says Matt needs to relax and enjoy his night off. Sammy signs off (get it? get it?) by saying that Matt cannot get to him.

AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida vs. Heather Monroe

Monroe attacks the champion prematurely to start the match. This match was only a few thirty second skips long before Hikaru Shida locked in a variation of the Brock Lock for the tap out victory.

Post match, Tony Schiavone catches up with Shida, who says “I’m still waiting. Bring it on.”

Just….is this even worth writing an opinion about? A two minute women’s match on Dynamite. SHOCKER.

Backstage, Jake Roberts is with Lance Archer and a microphone. It is the usual promo with these two. Roberts talks up Archer, while Archer beats up the locker room. Written on Roberts back is “everybody dies.”

The Runthrough

AEW announces that next week is a different week for the company. Monday will be the semi-finals of the Women’s Tag Team Tournament, with Tuesday being normal with the next episode of AEW Dark. Next Wednesday, there will be no Dynamite; instead, AEW will present part one of last year’s All Out event on Youtube. Next week’s Dynamite has officially been moved to 22 August at 6 PM ET or immediately following the NBA Playoffs. As for the card of the next Dynamite:

  • FTR vs Private Party
  • The Elite (The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega) vs. Dark Order’s Reynolds, Angels, & Silver
  • The finals of the Women’s Tag Team Tournament
  • Darby Allin in action
  • The Lucha Brothers, Butcher, & Blade vs. The Natural Nightmares & Jurassic Express
  • TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Brodie Lee

Orange Cassidy vs Chris Jericho

Orange Cassidy starts off hot with multiple fist shots to Jericho followed by a flying shoulder block and a clothesline to the outside. Cassidy flies over the top with a crossbody and continues to wale on Jericho with fist shots. I am getting the idea that Orange Cassidy is trying here.

Cassidy irish whips Jericho into two barricades before getting in the ring to break up the count. He climbs to the top, puts his hands in his pocket, and does a trust fall to Jericho who is still on the outside. Cassidy gets Jericho in the ring and hits a second rope DDT for a two count.

Cassidy goes for the superman punch, but Jericho takes control with a big boot. Jericho gets Cassidy on the apron and nails him with a springboard enziguri so powerful that it sent the show to picture-in-picture.

Orange Cassidy is gaining momentum coming out of the break. He hits a high diving crossbody for a two, then nails Jericho with two dragon screw leg whips. Cassidy goes for another crossbody, but gets caught in the Walls of Jericho. Cassidy rolls out of it and gets a two count from a small package. He then locks in an ankle lock on Jericho.

Jericho gets out, but Cassidy gets a stunner on Le Champion. He goes for a hurricanrana, but gets caught with a codebreaker, which gets Jericho a two count. Jericho grabs Floyd, but Chioda is telling him to get rid of the bat. Jericho wants Chioda to turn around, but he will not have any of it. Chioda takes Floyd, and Cassidy gets two counts from a school boy and a falcon arrow before hitting a penalty kick. Cassidy finally gets the “Orange Punch,” but Chioda gets distracted by a fight between the Best Friend’s & Santana & Ortiz.

Jake Hager runs in and hits a slam on Cassidy, but Jericho gets a two count on Cassidy. Jericho obscures Chioda’s vision and hits Cassidy with a low blow. Going for a Judas Effect, Jericho gets reversed, and Cassidy ties up Jericho into a wonky looking rollup for the victory. Orange Cassidy defeats Chris Jericho.

This was a good rematch, and I was so happy to see Orange Cassidy get the win here. It seemed obvious that he would, but there were plenty of times I bit on Jericho’s pins. I popped huge at the finish, even if the plan did kind of go awry. This was a very important win for Orange Cassidy; cannot wait to see what is in store for his future in AEW.

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