Potential New General Manager for NXT?

Today the wrestling world was sent into a tizzy as ahead of tonight’s episode of WWE NXT the General Manager of the Black and Gold brand, WWE Legend William Regal, posted this Tweet on social media.

This comes ahead of a hyped up special announcement from Regal on the show tonight which many speculated will have something to do with Keith Lee’s current position as the holder of both the North American and NXT Championships. 

Now however many are fearing, based on the Tweet, that his announcement may be the closing of his tenure as NXT General Manager and perhaps even his retirement from the WWE. From the wording I can certainly understand why as Regal mentions what an honor it has been serving as the GM and that his announcement will be another step forward for WWE NXT. Ominous.

With that in mind right here on BodySlam.Net I am going to give you my thoughts on some of my top candidates for the potentially upcoming position. 

Shawn Michaels

“The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels is a mainstay at the WWE Performance Centre these days and is involved with training the next generation of talent making their way through the WWE system. Though every wrestling fan knows him as an all time great both inside the squared circle and on the microphone, a true legend of the industry. There are very few as respected as William Regal behind the curtain in WWE however HBK is arguably one of them. As somebody who could lay down the law and stand up to any problems that may surface in the NXT locker room that makes Michaels a very plausible choice as a future NXT GM, however with his anti-authority outlook as a founding member of the establishment hating D-Generation X, perhaps finding himself in that position would cause some inner-conflict for HBK? If he can get over his old degenerate ways he could be the perfect General Manager to sail the NXT ship into the future.

Shane McMahon

When WWE decided to revive Paul Heyman’s ECW brand in 2006 Shane McMahon was at the forefront with potential ideas for the project. What he suggested was an online show that featured new and upcoming wrestling talent, showcasing them learning the ropes and having matches on their journey to rise in the ranks of the wrestling industry. This idea would not be used for WWECW but years later would be the primary concept for Triple H’s NXT. Shane McMahon has proven that he can be a very successful General Manager across the board in WWE, having popular tenures on both RAW and Smackdown over the years, and with the power and respect that being the first born son of the Chairman Vince McMahon himself brings to a person? There’s not many better to take command of the NXT brand than Shane McMahon. As well as his power and experience, we’ve all seen how eager Shane is to directly confront a problem when it comes his way. If anyone were to step too far out of line I’m positive Shane would be happy to step inside the ring and do whatever it takes to put them right back in it.

Robert Stone

What more could a man do for his clients and his brand on NXT than become the General Manager of the ENTIRE brand of NXT? It’s not likely to happen but perhaps Stone’s negotiating skills might have finally paid off for him when something of such high stakes could be hanging in the balance. While he has Aliyah by his side right now I’m sure many NXT Superstars would come flocking to the Robert Stone Brand knowing that he now could secure them any opportunity in NXT with the click of his fingers. Perhaps the time of Stone courting potential clients is of the past? If he could somehow, some way snag the position of NXT GM I think there would be plenty of up and coming talents chomping at the bit to impress him.

Triple H

The man himself, Pappa Haitch. Is there anyone else better to lead the NXT Brand full steam ahead into the future than the man who birthed it and put his all into the product from day one? I can’t think of any. Triple H has loved and nurtured NXT to where it is today and compiled a roster that could go toe to toe with any in the world. We all know Hunter is no stranger to some conflict and has years of experience handling problems inside and outside of the ring, the General Manager’s position should be a breeze for someone who has so much experience pulling the strings not only behind the scenes but up front as well. We all know Hunter’s passion for the brand that he built brick by brick and it very well may be time for him to step back into the spotlight a little and finally take the steering wheel as an on-screen personality. While Triple H has had issues with authority in the past, just like his DX mate Shawn Michaels, over the years he has very clearly settled into the corporate side of the WWE with ease. Becoming the official General Manager of NXT would be the next logical step for Hunter and perhaps I’m alone in this one but if it did lead to him using the position to eventually step inside an NXT ring? There’s a plethora of talent I’d love to see The Game go head to head with. Karrion Kross vs. Triple H? Yes please.

Thank you all for joining me for this article, I sincerely hope you enjoyed speculating on the potential future of the General Manager’s position in NXT with me. Perhaps this will all come to nothing but make sure to follow me over on Twitter @ChatChatterson and let me know what you think before tonight’s episode of NXT and of course afterwards to tell me how right or wrong I was.

God bless.

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