Chris’ Quick Takes – How AEW Can Still Improve

My last quick take was focused on NXT, so this time I’m changing the channel and talking about AEW, and more specifically, how they can convince WWE fans like myself to switch over to them.

It’s worth noting that I gave AEW a year to impress me. A full year to get me out of my WWE habits and try on something new and fresh. The problem is, they’ve not done that. Not even close to it in fact. Sure they’ve done a lot of good, but for the most part AEW have gone back on their promises and delivered a product that is largely WWE 2.0, which is a shame.

What can they do to change my mind and others like me? That’s a big question and we could be here a LONG time, so I’m narrowing it down to five key areas where AEW can improve or implement new ideas to grab the attention of even the most hardcore of WWE fans.

The Infernal Rankings “System”

Christ. The AEW rankings. Starting off with the main thing that bugs me, the rankings make no sense and never have done. We regularly see someone with a 5-2 record higher up the list than someone with a 7-0 record. Why? Because of the “quality of opponent” excuse, which was flawed from the get go.

Why should a 5 star match against Michael Nakazawa be worth less than a 3 star match against someone like PAC or MJF? It’s disrespectful to those athletes who are considered to be lesser. Either make the rankings fair or scrap them altogether.

What Is Wrong With The Womens Division?

I mean no disrespect to the women of AEW here, but they may have the worst womens division of any major promotion. It’s not even the athletes faults, its the hodge podge booking and general lack of consistency and time.

Shida vs Ford at Fyter Fest was fantastic, the best match that the AEW women have put on so far, but what has happened since then? Precisely nothing. I also believe they need one marquee signing, the likes of Tessa Blanchard, to convince more fans of womens wrestling to switch away from WWE’s stacked roster. Frankly at the moment, the entire AEW womens roster doesn’t accumulate to more than Sasha Banks by herself.

A Stacked But Misused Mid Card

AEW’s mid card is arguably as good, if not better, than WWE’s. They have a fantastic mix of big guys, small guys, athletic guys, great characters… but they don’t know what to do with them. With such a stacked mid card, why are wrestlers from outside the company coming in to challenge Cody Rhodes for his TNT Title?

They need to introduce something to the effect of a Cruiserweight or European Title. Give them something meaningful to fight for and even feature it on AEW Dark more often. There is no reason why Marko Stuntz, Jungle Boy and countless others should be sitting in catering while Cody takes all of the spotlight.

Too Many Cheap Shots

This old chestnut. I can still remember vividly when Cody said that AEW would not take shots at WWE. They would focus on doing their own thing… well that didn’t last long did it? The cheap shots are childish and make me less inclined to watch a show that is letting WWE live rent free in their heads.

Jericho’s “bad creative” jab, Cody taking a sledgehammer to the throne, Brodie Lee’s entire run, BTE episodes, “Demo God”… and yet you then have Jericho saying they wanted Orange Cassidy to recreate Kurt Angle’s famous milk truck skit. You can’t have it both ways guys. Move on, grow up and be your own show.

The TNA/WCW Trap

Nepotism. The act of rewarding friends and family over people more deserving. AEW are in real danger of falling into the same trap that TNA and WCW both did by signing and pushing too many ex WWE guys or pushing the owners and VEP’s to the top spots.

If I’m a lifelong fan of WWE and I switch on AEW to see Jon Moxley and Cody Rhodes holding the top titles, why would I stay around to watch something I’ve seen before? I don’t want to see Jake Hager feuding with Dustin Rhodes when I’ve seen them do it in WWE as Swagger and Goldust… on Main Event of all places.

MJF, Wardlow, Scorpio Sky, Brian Cage, Kenny Omega, Adam Page, Darby Allin, Lance Archer, Luchasaurus. A veritable smorgasbord of legitmate and belivable talent who should be occupying the top spots by now. MJF is one of the most talked about wrestlers in the world right now, so why is Dean Ambrose being allowed to underwhelm just like he did as WWE Champion?

I want wrestling to be great across the board. Don’t get me wrong, WWE can be bad at times – hell it can be almost unwatchable pretty darn regularly. I just want an alternative for when I grow frustrated with what Vince and Co. are putting out there. At the minute that isn’t AEW… It’s Impact Wrestling.

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