WWE RAW 7/20 Live Coverage & Reactions

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to’s live coverage thread of tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw; coming to you from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Kicking things off with The Monday Night Messiah addressing the WWE Universe… chants of, “Shame” pulsing from the crowd as Seth attempts to justify his actions from last night’s, Extreme Rules show.

Until he was interrupted by his opponent, Aliester Black. Rollins releases his guard dog as Murphy attempts to silence Black, but to no avail .

Seth Rollins v. Aliester Black

We return from commercial with Rollins in control of Black. As the match spills out of the ring, Black throws a straight right at Rollins, who ducks, which leaves nothing but post for Black’s fist to crash into.

But fists aren’t the only weapons in the arsenal of Aliester Black as he begins throwing feet with complete desperation, as to not concede the match to Rollins. Finally, Black finds the opening he needs and delivers a thunderous Black Mass to the Monday Night Messiah. But the cagy vet had the wherewithal to roll out of the ring, denying Black his chance at a pinfall. To make matters worse, Murphy decided to insert himself to protect his master from defeat. The match picked up once again, only for Rollins exploit the injured arm of Black, once again, and hit The Stomp for the win. But a victory wouldn’t be enough for the bloodlust of the Monday Night Messiah, as he viciously led a 2 on 1 attack onto Black, again targeting the right arm.

Now we head to the back where MVP and Bobby Lashley are meeting with… Ron Simmons? DAMN!!!

But their sights were soon turned onto new prey as the 24/7 Champion wandered down the wrong hallway and well, this happened.

Has Shelton Benjamin aligned with MVP and Lashley? All signs point to a new hire by the CEO of the “Hurt Business”. All signs pointed to growth in this new stable but perhaps the advertising was a bit much as MVP was interrupted by Ricochet and Cedric Alexander who were ready for the fight, due in part to the return of Mustafa Ali.

Could the undersized underdogs catch the Hurt Business off guard tonight?we would find out as this 6-man tag match would be next.

Ricochet, Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali v. The Hurt Business: 6-Man Tag Match

It would certainly be a battle of speed versus size as the Hurt Business towered over their opponents, like parents to small children but the underdogs utilized quick tags and fast-paced offense to head into the commercial break with a cleared ring and frustrated MVP & Co. But the scene was different coming back from break as the new 24/7 Champion had Ricochet beaten down and in the camp of the Hurt Business.

Things would soon fall apart though and the Hurt Business would lose control of things.

With bodies strewn across the outside, Ali found himself in the ring with MVP where a miscalculation by the “US Champ” left Ali wide open to hit his 450 Splash and pick up the 1,2,3. Could Ali be calling his shot for the US Title or is this merely three men’s attempt to survive the corporate takeover of the Hurt Business?

The mood quickly changed though as we were brought to the back once again where we were met with a focused, enraged and sadistic Randy Orton who vowed to end the Big Show tonight in their Unsanctioned Match.

Peyton Royce v. Ruby Riott

It was time for a Punk Rock Walkabout as two of the Red Brand’s recently returned squared off in hopes to ascend the ranks toward the Raw Women’s Title. While neither competitor really hit much offense, it was the Riot Kick that put away the Aussie as Ruby Riott picked up a needed win over Peyton Royce.

Andrade Cien Almas & Angel Garza v. The Street Profits

Almas and Garza have been eyeing tag team gold for weeks now, picking up win after win and tonight would be their chance to show the Tag Champs their worth. Things broke down quickly though leaving Montez Ford to do what he does best, outshine and bring all the smoke!

As we returned from commercial, everything appeared to be in Angelo Dawkins’ control as he made the tag to Montez Ford. But a quick turn of events left Ford at the Mercy of the well oiled machine that is Almas & Garza; including a catastrophic landing on a back body drop! Ford never being one to be counted out, rallied and made the hot tag as Dawkins entered to clean house. Another tag to bring Ford back in was the nail in the coffin as he capitalized on Garza’s fall from grace and allowed Ford to sailing and rotating from the heavens with one hell of a Frog Splash. 1,2,3… Street Profits win; leaving Almas and Garza wondering what happened?

Finally, questions will be answered as Sasha Banks and Bayley grace the WWE Universe with their presence.

And as the WWE Universe began to accept that 2 Beltz Banks was here… A voice of reason(and sanity), graced us with her presence as the Chief Brand Officer filled the Performance Center with hope for a rightful winner of theRaw Women’s Championship.

Kairi Sane v. Bayley

In the wake of a HUGE announcement by Stephanie McMahon, it was the unorthodox offense of the Kabuki Warrior that sent Bayley out of the ring and regrouping. Eventually, Bayley’s slow and methodical pace would be what kept Sane grounded and allow Bayley an opportunity to deal out some payback. Still reeling from the announcement that Sasha v. Asuka would take place next week on RAW, Sane was gaining ground on the Smackdown Women’s Champion, clawing her way back into the driver’s seat of this match.

After a vicious spinning back-fist, a trading of top rope elbows and two counts, the frustration was mounting on Bayley as she turned to her partner in crime and exclaimed that she had the situation in control. Going for her Bayley2Belly, the Champ miscalculated and was caught in an odd roll up for the surprising loss.

We welcome you to Claymore Country as the WWE Champion enters the ring to deliver a statement regarding the future of the Champion but an interruption by Dolph Ziggler led to this surprising outcome.

Big Show v. Randy Orton: Unsanctioned Match

After weeks of decimating his “friends” Randy Orton finds himself trapped in an unsanctioned match against the WWE’s resident giant in The Big Show. As the match opened, the Big Show did what he does best…beat the holy mularky out of his smaller opponent, targeting Randy’s infamous left shoulder and using his catcher’s mit hands to send shockwaves through the chest of the legend killer.

But Orton, always the opportunist, utilized his allies and had Almas and Garza blitz the Big Show on the outside! Just as all appeared bleak, the Viking Raiders to the rescue! Chasing off the duo and leveling the playing field once more. The Big Show continued to use his size to maul his opponent and proceeded to throw every bit of offense he had, including his trademark Chokeslam. But not even a giant could slay the Viper as Randy capitalized on a severe miscalculation from the Big Show. Orton not only recovered but make short work of the Big Show in typical Apex Predator fashion. Things took a turn for the worst, however; when Randy finally succumbed to his dark side and added another legend to his list.

Folks, this Randy Orton is good, scary good.

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