205 Live Recap: Episode 139

Last week on 205 Live: The feud between the Singh Brothers and The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa continued to build. Mike Kanellis snapped on Drake Maverick who snapped back, now they are most likely having a match. Gentleman Jack Gallagher fought valiantly and lost to Chad Gable in what was one of the greatest 205 Live matches ever and a sure fire contender for match of the year for wrestling as a whole.

Cold Open

A recap of Mike Kanellis and Drake Maverick’s altercation last week. Kanellis finally getting a win and the war of words with Maverick. I really hope this turns into a partnership. Both men keep trying to please their wives and are failing. They have common ground!

Drake Maverick opens the show with a promo to the fans. He says his actions were uncalled for as a general manager. As a man they were justified. Drake said next week Kanellis is gonna fight him, because it’s an unsanctioned match.. This shit is wild.

Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza vs. Lucha House Party

  • I’m always gonna love how horny Aiden English is for Humberto Carrillo.
  • Carrillo and Mendoza teamed up a couple times in NXT and did a pretty good job. Raul seems to have a beard now and has thinned out since his last appearance on NXT.
  • We get a small video package introducing fans to Raul. We see some flips, hear that he has wrestled for eleven years and is from Mexico.
  • Kalisto and Gran Metalik are the pairing that LHP chooses for this match. Kalisto and Mendoza start he match off.
  • This match is starting off rather slow, meaning we are going to be in for a wild one. Carrillo are going back and forth with flip counters and the crowd is getting loud.
  • Lucha House Party are becoming more aggressive and seem to be taking a few cheap shots. Aiden English says it’s because LHP aren’t taking Mendoza and Carrillo lightly.
  • Carrillo is getting picked apart by LHP with quick tags and focus on the upper body.
  • Carrillo is able to get a tag to Mendoza, and it wasn’t even a hot tag. Mendoza grabs Carrillo and does a wheelbarrow slam onto Kalisto. Now Mendoza and Carrillo have Kalisto under their control and are working over Kalisto’s upper body.
  • Kalisto tags in Metalik, this match is structured differently than I am used to. Each team beat up a wrestler and each wrestler got a tag in before any heat was built. Then the hot tag was simultaneous. Which always bugs me because there isn’t a release of the heat, like, there isn’t a time for the fans to cheer the team that’s struggling to make the tag. It was just a double tag and some fast paced action. The action was good, mind you, but, it just doesn’t have the oomph that was needed.
  • Now the action is damn near non-stop with tags happening mid-sequence and continuing. It is pretty wild to see how well these four men work together. The crowd noise is building for sure.
  • Metalik’s top rope moonsault is blocked by Carrillo and Humberto quickly follows it up with a corkscrew splash for the win.

And I’m Like… We now have four teams on 205 Live and all of them can go. This was a fun match that didn’t play the normal beats of tag matches I’m used to. Raul really showed that he belongs on 205 Live and should stay here. What a way to kick off tonight’s show.

Singh Brothers cut a backstage promo about how they are the best tag team on 205 Live. They challenge Tozawa and Kendrick to a tag match next week.

A hype video of Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott. Swerve is confidence, like how Rufus R. Jones’ R stood for guts. Swerve says he has only been here a short time but he is already on 205 Live, that’s how highly he is regarded.

A recap of the amazing match between Gallagher and Gable. 205 Live is telling us that that match could have been the greatest match in 205 Live history.

Oney Lorcan vs. Tony Isner

  • This match is a showcase match for Lorcan but it starts off with Tony throwing some stiff punches. That lights a fire in Oney who begins to dominate rather quickly.
  • Within a minute Oney wins with a half and half suplex.

And I’m Like… This was a squash, this wasn’t even a showcase. Oney got a few yells in and about three moves, doesn’t showcase his abilities much. But, it gives more time to the main event.

Drew Gulak cuts a promo about how he isn’t surprised that someone on 205 Live didn’t challenge him. He puts over Isiah Scott as the future of NXT. Gulak lets us know that he was the one who trained Scott. Drew said he has evolved since then, and Isiah is courageous for challenging him tonight.

Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs. Drew Gulak

  • Swerve comes out first and is showing the confidence he says he has, but not coming out to “Ain’t Nobody” is a crime. His theme song is like an eight bar loop, let’s hope that changes soon.
  • Drew comes out looking meaner and wetter than ever. I am so ready for this match.
  • As the bell rings Gulak is already in the air hitting a dropkick. He is explosive and showing Swerve that he means business.
  • An “NXT” chant breaks out after a smaller “Let’s Go Swerve” chant. With Scott only having one match on NXT, it shows how many fans are in tune to the indies and NXT.
  • Scott is taking Gulak down and showing us that he can outwrestle Gulak every now and again. Gulak seems to be surprised by how much Swerve has grown since being trained.
  • The facial expressions show that Swerve is ready for this and is as confident as ever, while Drew is starting to be irked by how easy he loses control. “Swerve” chants are growing in the crowd. This is wild.
  • Gulak may have taken Swerve too lightly. Scott hits one hard right hand and almost gets the pin on Gulak. This is very surprising to see the champion of 205 Live is being taken to task. “Let’s Go Gulak/Let’s Go Swerve” dueling chants with the Swerve portion drowning out the Gulak portion.
  • Swerve got too confident and Gulak was able to gain wrist control and turn the tide of the match. Gulak went from trying to outwrestle Swerve, to brawling on the outside. There is anger behind Drew’s strikes and Scott finally seems to be overwhelmed by this new version of Gulak.
  • Drew hits a running cross powerbomb into the post on Isiah. All shoulder/neck/head impact.
  • The crowd is invested in this match. Drew had a single leg lock applied and punched Scott in the kidney and the crowd audibly reacted. Followed that up with a top rope lariat and the crowd reacted again. It’s rare to see a WWE crowd react to single moves in a match with someone most of them don’t even know.
  • Drew took too long to hit another cross powerbomb and Scott senses this might be his only chance. Scott hits a sequence of moves with a sense of urgency that he hasn’t shown all match. Even after a nearfall, instead of overreacting, Swerve keeps the pressure on. The chants for Swerve get louder. When Drew kicks out after a kick to the head, some members of the crowd jump out of their seat.
  • Drew reverses a suplex with a Gu-Lock, instead of tapping, Scott broke the plain of the ropes and got a rope break. The Swerve chants get louder and excitement is building in my stomach. I am fully invested in this and have a smile on my face as Swerve keeps clawing towards victory.
  • Scott goes to the top rope and looks to the crowd, Swerve hits a top rope foot stomp for two and the crowd is louder than ever with “205” chants. Scott is continually selling his hand, the adrenaline rush is dying now and Drew senses blood in the water.
  • Gulak gets a surprise sunset flip pin for two, Swerve is able to kick out and turn that into a tilt-a-whirl arm bar. The energy is palpable but Gulak was able to use joint manipulation to get out of the hold.
  • We are having a slap battle, the pace is quickening with Drew getting a suplex in. Drew hits a Cyclone Crash for the win. The camera cuts to the crowd who look disappointed, but they are on their feet.
  • Swerve is a fucking star y’all.

And I’m Like… If you want to learn how to take a cold match with a Superstar that is unknown to most and get over. Use this match. Swerve impressed every single person watching this match. Kudos to Gulak for making Swerve look like a huge star tonight. These two have a chemistry that is undeniable and I would love to see more from these two.

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