MLW Fusion Recap Episode 66: Hart Foundation vs Dynasty Ladder Match

Last week on MLW Fusion: Hammerstone defended the National Championship against Kotto Brazil. It was a hard fought match but the end saw Hammerstone celebrating his victory with The Dynasty in front of an American flag. Myron Reed’s friend Jordan Oliver interfered in Myron’s match against Rey Horus to give Reed the victory. Jacob Fatu dethroned Tom Lawlor to win the MLW Heavyweight Championship, in a match that was better on paper than in the ring.

Cold Open

Footage from the last taping happened where The Dynasty attacked Teddy Hart and took one of his tag team championships. Brian Pillman is being given an opportunity by Davey Boy Smith to defend the championship.

Ace Austin vs. Air Wolf

  • This is a rematch for these two. Air Wolf won the last match. Air Wolf is being booked very well and winning tons of matches.
  • The match starts with a feeling out process but quickly evolves to a fish out of water spot. The crowd applauds after the series of pin attempts.
  • They seem to be evenly talented, but Air Wolf comes out on top during each interaction.
  • That is until Ace Austin tosses Air Wolf to the outside, do a cartwheel dodge of Wolf’s attack and hit Air Wolf with a super kick. Once they got out of the ring, the diabolical side of Ace starts to show.
  • Ace isn’t quite sure what to do, he feigns using a weapon, then goes into the ring and lays down. MLW has a 20 count so no way Air Wolf getting counted out.
  • Once in the ring both men attempt suplexes with Air Wolf getting the better of Austin once again. The story to the match is that they are almost at the same level but Air Wolf is a bit better.
  • That is until Ace Austin uses his cane to hit Air Wolf in the nuts. Then Ace hits the running blockbuster and gets the win.

And I’m Like… Ace got the ref distracted by throwing a playing card and using his cane. One thing I’ve wanted out of Austin is more magic being used in matches. These guys are 1-1 now so the third match should be a banger as well.

Ricky Martinez is asking Salina for another shot at Low Ki. That’s when Jimmy Havoc calls Salina and De La Renta’s ringtone is the alarm tone I use to wake up. Mancer is on the other end of the phone instead of Jimmy. Mancer said Jimmy is laying in a pool of blood and that Mancer now has the golden ticket. The golden ticket is a championship match whenever the person the holds the ticket wants it. Even though LA Park is the ticket holder, I don’t know why Jimmy has it.

Low Ki vs. Ariel Dominguez

  • Lately Low Ki’s matches have been less than a couple minutes. I don’t think Ariel is gonna do well tonight.
  • The crowd really loves Low Ki. Standing up and clapping and cheering during his entrance.
  • Low Ki knocks Dominguez out with one knee strike to the head.

And I’m Like… Same ol’ same ol’. Low Ki is rehabilitating his heel character of long and plodding matches with these super quick matches. I hope the first person to go a few minutes with Low Ki is someone who isn’t well know. Would make him a star.

The Dynasty is meeting at “Martha’s Vineyard”. MJF is letting us know that he isn’t afraid of heights even though he is. MJF convinces Richard Holliday to climb the ladder and win for the team. Holliday is being pushed as the dimwit of the group. Really good dynamic.

Ricky and Salina FaceTime each other, Ricky thinks he found Mancer, but Mancer set up a decoy and attacked Martinez from behind. It was very well done like a horror movie. Mancer is hunting Salina’s crew, this is really well done.

Konnan warns Salina that the Wagner’s are coming to MLW

MLW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

The Hart Foundation (c) vs. The Dynasty

  • MJF goads a fan to jump the guardrail during his entrance and the fan attempts to until security gets involved. The fan was smiling the whole time.
  • Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. come out with chairs. Brian is full of anger and energy and Teddy is as calm and cool as ever. It always amazes me when Teddy shows any favial expressions.
  • Camera cuts to the back and Mancer locks LA Park out of the arena then knocks out Park’s son with a chain. Then chases Salina.
  • Having Pillman and MJF in a match with Teddy and Holliday really shows the differences in tans. Teddy is the darkest shade and then it gets progressively lighter.
  • The match starts in chaos. Hart is suplexing Holliday onto the gym floor and MJF and Pillman are in and out of the ring all over the place. I think this is just gonna be a war with no time for story.
  • Ladder tag matches are perfect for Teddy Hart because Teddy’s matches consist of him doing crazy shit with little rhyme or reason.
  • The ladder gets set up in the ring and MJF has a chance to win the match but he is too afraid of heights to get a couple rungs up. MJF forces Ariya to climb the ladder and win the match. He is pretty abusive about it too.
  • Basically this match is, Foundation does a few moves, Dynasty does a few moves and repeat.
  • The only story in this match is MJF is afraid of climbing the ladder so he tries to find a way for Holliday or Blake to climb the ladder. Holliday not being smart enough to see that MJF is scared. MJF ends up slapping Holliday to get him to climb the ladder.
  • Teddy stops Richard by pulling Holliday’s trunks down. The “afraid to climb ladders” is a smart way to have this match though. It honestly reminds me of when Yokozuna was afraid of caskets.
  • Teddy shows us how creative he is when applying the Canadian destroyer. He goes for a swinging DDT but instead of hitting the DDT he hits a destroyer.
  • Teddy puts Holliday through a door. Pillman is climbing the ladder and Hammerstone comes out to buckle bomb Pillman. Teddy hurt himself putting Holliday through a door.
  • Hammerstone is now in control of this match while Davey Boy Smith Jr. is no where to be seen.
  • DBS shows up just in time to save Pillman from getting suplexed through a table.
  • Davey goes to powerslam Hammerstone through the table but it doesn’t break. I AM THE TABLE.
  • Pillman has the crowd behind him as he and Holliday fight each other. Ariya climbs the ladder to stop Pillman who hits Ariya. Holliday hits Pillman in the head with a chair and grabs the belts to win the match.

And I’m Like… The Dynasty beats The Hart Foundation for the tag titles in a match The Hart Foundation asked for. This was a fun match and all those involve are very talented. The Dynasty now has half of the available championships in MLW.

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