There is Never a Day Off for the 24/7 Champ R-Truth

While most WWE superstars on the two main rosters get to relax after their taping’s for the week, to some extent, is appears as if that will no longer be the case for both Drake Maverick and R-Truth. Though nothing happened on 205 Live, NXT, or NXT UK this week regarding the 24/7 Championship, both Maverick and Truth continued to discuss the title, and what was going on with it on Twitter. On Wednesday, May 22nd, Truth Tweeted out a video of him in a doctor’s office with the caption on the video reading,

“I’m still up!!! #247Championship #SDLive #DanceBreak #RunTruthRun”

In the video, Truth talks about how the title is driving him crazy, stating that he doesn’t know if it is that he is crazy, paranoid, or the fact that he hasn’t slept in 24/7 hours because of the championship. He then went on to say that if the doctor should tell him that he is fine, it was time to “Run Truth Run” which is also one of the hashtags that is being used throughout his current reign as 24/7 Champion. Maverick responded to this video by re-tweeting it onto his own profile and commenting on it saying,

“Run. Truth. Run. #Maverick247”

At Thursday morning around 8 am Truth’s followers received a new Tweet from him which simply stated,

“I’m STILLLLLLL UP!! European #247Championship #SDLive #DanceBreak”

It only took Maverick about a half hour to see Truth’s Tweet and respond with his own saying,

“I will find you…And I will pin you. #Maverick247”

Maverick also followed this up by Tweeting out a picture of him, holding up the wanted posters he made in front of a big chart. On the chart is says, Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three with a picture of the belt on top of it. Phase One states, win 24/7 title, under Phase Two there is just a big question mark, and under Phase Three it says Hero. When Maverick Tweeted out this picture, he captioned it with,

“Plan. #Maverick247 #WWE @WWE #247Title #247Championship #RAW #SDLive”

Minutes later, R-Truth put out another video and this time he was in his car again, with the 24/7 Championship seat belted in the passenger seat next to him. In the video, he talks more about the fact that he still has had no sleep showing viewers that him and the championship are literally in the middle of nowhere right now, ending the video with him saying, yet again, run Truth run. He captioned the video stating,

“Been up for 50 somethin hours! Carry the one ☝🏿 #European #247Championship #SDLive #DanceBreak #RunTruthRun”

Maverick then responded to this video Tweet by saying,

“I’m going to print so many flyers that everybody all the way up to @WhiteHouse know where you are!! #Maverick247”

He then put up his own video of a copy machine running off copies of the Wanted posters that he has created and the followed it up with another video of himself putting the Wanted posters on car windshields, entitling it “Old school.”

From what has happened in the last two days, it seems that Truth does not want to give up the belt anytime soon and Maverick does not want to give up the hunt for the 24/7 Championship anytime soon either. Oddly enough, I am okay with both of these things. Maverick and Truth have taken social media and have made it work for them with this story angle that is happening currently. Most WWE wrestling fans by now have probably turned their notifications on for both Truth and Maverick because it truly is hilarious and fun to see what both superstars will do next. For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to Monday night RAW because I am sure both Truth and Maverick will give fans something worth tuning in for. Until then, keep checking back with for the newest updates on what Truth, Maverick, and others are doing regarding the 24/7 Championship.

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