List Of Superstars Not Appearing At Super Showdown And Reasons Why

WWE and Saudi Arabia have had a working agreement for almost five years now, running house shows and now special events after agreeing to a deal. The ten year, multi-million dollar deal started last year with The Greatest Royal Rumble. That was followed by Crown Jewel and now Super Showdown.

The majority of the roster heads over to Saudi Arabia without any problems. That is until Crown Jewel took place.

One month prior to Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia received substantial negative press due to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of Saudi agents. This led to the WWE facing calls to cancel the event, with prominent U.S. Democratic and Republicanpoliticians criticizing the company’s endeavors in Saudi Arabia


After that news came out both John Cena and Daniel Bryan said they would not perform in the country. These two men would join Sami Zayn, who was not attending due to the strained relationship between Syria and Saudi Arabia, as Sami is Syrian.

Now Kevin Owens and Aleister Black will be added to the list of people not attending the next show.

Below are the wrestlers who aren’t appearing and the reasons why.

Daniel Bryan – stance against the country’s human rights record, and in particular the fact that homosexuality is a capital crime.

Kevin Owens – His families requested him to not attend the event.

Sami Zayn- Saudi Arabia’s strained relationship with Syria

Aleister Black – Tattoos were deemed too Satanic.

All The Women Wrestlers – Limited rights women have in Saudi Arabia.

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