The Search is On for R-Truth and His 24/7 Championship

Before Smackdown Live

The search carries on for R-Truth and the 24/7 Championship. As reported earlier yesterday, Drake Maverick seemed to be the most dedicated when it came to finding Truth and the championship. However, he was not the only one who had been searching. During the day yesterday, WWE released three videos exclusively online showing other wrestlers who were searching for Truth and the belt before Smackdown. Not only were these wrestlers all looking for the championship and its champion, but each had their own way of going about it. First, there was Matt Hardy. Hardy specifically brought a referee with him so that he was completely ready when running into Truth. His first idea was to hide behind some cars in the parking lot and wait for Truth to come out because a source had told him that Truth would be in the parking lot. After waiting for a little while, Hardy sent the referee around the parking lot to look for Truth, which also ended unsuccessfully. The video ended with Hardy yelling at the cameraman and going to continue to search for Truth somewhere else.

The next group to try and find Truth were The Singh Brothers. There tactic to find Truth and the 24/7 Championship was similar and yet different to Hardy’s plan. One brother would be hiding in a crate and the other, who was dressed as a referee, would be on the lookout for Truth. When it was time, he would jump out of the crate and the “referee” would count, pinning truth, and making the other brother the new 24/7 Champion. The brothers then seemed to argue over if they had the rules right and if this was correct. Should they have had a real referee with them? At this point, the video ended with one brother going into the crate and the other on the lookout, both choosing to follow through with their plan. The final video that was uploaded online before Smackdown was of Heavy Machinery. In the video Tucker is holding a big white board and explaining to Otis the plan to get the belt from Truth, since Truth is on his way to the building as they speak. He has a diagram that he is using to try to explain this to Otis, but Otis seems to be focusing on the wrong details and asking the wrong questions throughout the video. Tucker finally gets fed up throwing his map on the floor and giving up on the diagram. The video ends with both members of Heavy Machinery coming up with a plan for Otis to grab Truth so that Tucker can pin him, with both men leaving to go find him.

During Smackdown Live

When Smackdown Live started, it was clear that things were going to get even more intense for R-Truth. Several wrestlers from the locker room continued their search for him, even going so far as to ask everyone backstage if they had seen him. Maverick asks Carmella if she has been R-Truth backstage where she says she hasn’t and crumples up Mavericks Wanted poster. Viewers find out that Carmella herself is actually looking for Truth when she stumbles upon him in a blonde wig and sunglasses, Truth seeming to be very surprised that she was able to tell it was him. Carmella tells him that his disguise is not good enough and Truth begs her to help him, she finally agrees to. The next time we see Carmella and R-Truth backstage, she is fixing his wig and making sure that his disguise looks perfect so that no one will be able to tell it is him. She has even gone so far as to put a Carmella hat on top of his wig. When it came time for Carmella’s match that she was having that night against Mandy Rose, Truth went out with her in disguise and stayed by ringside. Things seemed to be going well for him and it looked as though things would continue going well without a hitch, until all of the wrestlers who had been looking for him came barreling down the ramp towards him. Truth starts to run away from them but not before he throws Carmella on his back and runs them both out of the arena towards safety.

After Smackdown Live

In the aftermath of Smackdown Live, nothing happened during 205 Live which was slightly disappointing. Truth had left the building which meant that nothing would take place during the show itself. However, as has been the case for the past 24 hours before last night, Drake Maverick immediately Tweeted out,

“Thank you for your tweets @WWEUniverse I found him a few seconds too late. He is cunning like a cheetah. I need to work on my cardio. Where is @RonKillings now?? #WWE @WWE #SDLive #RAW #247Championship #247Title”

Seconds later Maverick made his own hashtag, #Maverick247, where people could use the hashtag to help him on his search for Truth, as well as just use the hashtag for things regarding his search for Truth. Maverick made it to the airport to find Truth, but it was seconds too late, as Truth was already gone leaving a sad and disappointed Maverick to get on his own flight without the 24/7 Championship in his hands.

This morning, fans woke up to an interesting video message from R-Truth on his own Twitter. Around 10:30 this morning, Truth posted a video saying that both he and the 24/7 Championship belt have made it home safely. In the video, viewers can see that Truth has the belt strapped into the passenger’s seat next to him secure as he is offering the belt some water. Once again Truth mentions trying to talk to the McMahons about changing the stipulations of the belt but claims that he has been and still is on hold waiting to talk to them. Truth ends the video saying that for at least right now, he is still the 24/7 Champ. Of course, Maverick had a response to this re-tweeting Truth’s video and Tweeting out,

“You sick freak. Just rubbing it in my face!!! I will find you – And I will – PIN YOU! #Maverick247”

Maverick then went on the follow Truth on Twitter saying now he will be following Truth’s every move. He then changed his header on Twitter to pictures of the Wanted posters he has made of R-Truth, as well as changing his own profile picture to a picture of R-Truth in his car from the video that Truth just posted. He has also changed his Twitter name to Maverick 24:7. It seems as if Maverick will not be stopping his search for the championship and for Truth anytime soon, but I wonder who else will soon be coming out onto social media and be as dedicated as Maverick is. He might be the first, but I doubt he will be the last one to make it his life mission to become the next champion of the 24/7 title.

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