Exclusive: WWE’s Plan For Performance Center Expansion

We at Bodyslam.net have learned that WWE is planning on expanding the original WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

The WWE Performance Center has been a huge building block in establishing the direction that the company plans to go in the future, as they have created a facility that can the company can train and develop their newly signed talent, both in-ring and out, and groom them in hopes of one day making it to the main stage.

WWE recently opened their second Performance Center last year in England and will serve as the homebase for developing talent for their NXT UK brand. However, that wasn’t the only additional property WWE purchased, as we have learned that WWE also purchased a 3,082.50 square foot building adjacent to the original Performance Center on June 1st, 2018.

The original WWE Performance Center is located in Orlando, Florida and it was opened on July 11th, 2013. The Performance Center itself is a 26,000 square foot facility which houses seven wrestling rings for training, an area for their strength and conditioning program, a production area which also has a voice-over room for performers and on-air announcers to practice.

The new building adjacent to to the Original WWE PC will be used for talents to work on developing their gimmicks, stage entrances, and match timing – such as when to take it easy during a commercial break, when to go home, when to stretch/shorten promos for live TV, PPV’s, etc. There will also be more space for Color Commentators to work on their match calling and interviewing as well.

The plan for the original building will now be focused solely on the physicality aspect of the business, while moving most of the production end of things to the new building.

A source told Pro Sports Extra’s Brad Shepard, that basically there was just too much stuff bunched up into too small of a space.

You can see a photo gallery of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando – pre-expansion below.

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(Thanks to Pro Sports Extra’s Brad Shepard for contributing to this story.)