205 Live Recap: Episode 114

Last week on 205 Live: Humberto Carrillo beat Gran Metalik in a surprise win. Hideo Itami won a triple threat match against Kalisto and Akira Tozawa. This will be Hideo’s last win in WWE history because he has been granted his release from WWE. At the Royal Rumble, Buddy Murphy retained his championship.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick opens the show recapping Buddy Murphy’s title defense. Maverick says Kalisto and Mike Kanellis meet in a first time match and this is for Mike to prove himself. Main event is Tozawa vs. Itami in Hideo’s last WWE match.

Kalisto vs. Mike Kanellis

  • Kalisto is being cornered by The Lucha House Party. So cheating will probably happen.
  • Mike Kanellis attacks Kalisto right when the bell rings but is easily distracted by the ref.
  • Kalisto now has the advantage and does some rope assisted springboard front flip.
  • Maria Kanellis is on commentary, she sounds very articulate and well spoken. Having Aiden English and Maria Kanellis converse makes me feel like it raises my IQ.
  • Kanellis gains the upper hand and starts destroying Kalisto on the outside of the ring.
  • Maria says she hates having to tell her daughter that all daddy and mommy did at work was eat catering. Maria is upset that Mike never gets opportunities. I think it’s funny that Freddie Moon Kanellis isn’t even two years old, so she doesn’t understand what eating catering really means.
  • Kalisto is hitting big moves and attempting his finisher but nothing is putting Mike away.
  • Kalisto stuns Kanellis on the top rope and they start battling on the top like every 205 Live match.
  • Kanellis hits a side effect from the top rope and only gets a two count.
  • Mike has a mean streak in him and is now continually hitting suplexes on Kalisto. Commentary points out that Mike is getting a lot of frustration out.
  • Mike almost gets the three count after hitting a backpack stunner.
  • Kanellis begins to lose his cool and ends up making a mistake. That mistake costs Mike the match by being rolled up.

And I’m Like… That was a serviceable match accentuated by Maria Kanellis on commentary. Really enjoyed that whole bit. It’s sad that 205 Live lost Neville, Enzo, Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami. It’s like whenever a star is made they leave the show. Hopefully there are still some new names to show up on the brand and add some star power.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher welcome Humberto Carrillo to the brand. They ask if Humberto is able to harness his athleticism. They would like Humberto to join them for a better 205 Live. They say “safe and sound on the ground.”

Daivari talks for Hideo. It doesn’t really matter because Itami is out of here.

Tony Nese is suspended from 205 Live for jumping Noam Dar in the parking lot.

Hideo Itami w/Ariya Daivari vs. Akira Tozawa w/ The Brian Kendrick

  • I’m gonna miss the beginning of Hideo’s entrance music. I remember when he was in NXT and took the Ascension one-on-two and it was so bad ass. Far cry from what he is today.
  • Hideo is taking his sweet ass time and taking a while to lock up with Tozawa.
  • Lots of strike attempts that are dodged and countered. The crowd seemed pretty impressed by the first few minutes of the match.
  • Hideo picks Tozawa apart with well placed kicks and precision knee strikes. Tozawa can sure take a beating.
  • Aiden screws up and says “KENTA” but corrects himself quickly, the camera catches Nigel laughing a bit.
  • This beatdown has almost lasted ten minutes. Akira has barely gotten any offense in.
  • Akira is finally able to get a boot up. He hits a hurricanrana on Itami into the turnbuckles and then goes for the top rope senton. Akira is distracted by Daivari which leads to Itami hitting a crazy good spinning lariat.
  • When Hideo goes to dropkick Akira, Tozawa moves and Daivari eats Itami’s feet. Tozawa hits a BRUTAL German suplex and follows that up with a top rope senton for the win.

And I’m Like… Best wishes in your future endeavors Itami. I usually don’t watch much of All Japan or Noah, which is where I think Hideo is headed. So my viewing of KENTA will be sparse. It’s always sad to see someone leave but the new roster addition possibilities have me excited. This was a fun match that went almost 20 minutes. Both men did a great job. KENTA has our respect.

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