How Much Money Did WWE Reportedly Make In Their Recent Deal With Saudi Arabia?

As you may know WWE’s recent deal with Saudi Arabia, which saw the company hold The Greatest Royal Rumble PPV in Jeddah back in April of this year, has been rumored to have been massive. While there have been numerous reports out there speculating on the amount of money WWE is expected to make from the deal with Saudi Arabia, it appears as though we may know have a better idea as to what the exact numbers are.

WWE listed a special category in their profit report that was simply labeled “other”, and that was reportedly around $50 million more than the company reported last year. This could be an indication as to how much money WWE made for the Greatest Royal Rumble event back in April, which would be a clue as to what the overall amount of money WWE could potentially be making in their deal with Saudi Arabia’s government.

The deal between WWE and Saudi Arabia is supposed to be special and the exact details were to be kept a secret. However, our own Brad Shepard discussed WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia on the latest episode of the “Fired Up” podcast, and he revealed how much money WWE is potentially making off the deal.

Regarding WWE’s deal with the Saudi Arabian government, Shepard said:

“The total amount, the possible actual money it sounds like WWE could make would be in the ballpark of $500 million with the Saudi Arabia government.”

The numbers seem to add up, as WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia is reported to be for 5 years, and if you consider a potential $50 million a quarter profit over that duration it comes out to roughly $500 million.


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