Eric Bischoff On Potential WWE Return

Eric Bischoff while appearing on the Sky Sports Lock Up podcast, revealed that he is open to a possible WWE return.

The former President of WCW said the following about a return:

“I would love to do it if it was a situation which would work for everybody, a character like mine, there is only so much you can do from a storyline perspective. You can be that heel authority figure which I was for a few years in WWE and WCW, and it’s interesting and it’s fun but after a while you’ve kind of done everything you can do creatively.

Bischoff said that if he ever returns he can’t just stay as an authority figure. He thinks he could be a good manager for a talent:

I’m pretty realistic about the value my character has now. I’d like to manage someone, a young talent that maybe doesn’t have the mic skills. I think that would be fun because I can still get heat.”

Source: Sky Sports