Titus O’Neil On Having Everything To Be A Champion in WWE

Titus O’Neil recently spoke to Natalya for an interview for her Calgary Sun column where he talked about a number of topics. Below are some highlights from the interview:

On having to face difficulties in his childhood:

“My mother was the victim of sexual assault and I was a product of that unfortunate circumstance. She did all that she could with little to no money most of the time and set an incredible example for me with her work ethic. Despite my mother’s hardships, she was always a very giving person and our struggles allowed us to see how to get by with minimal resources. It also taught me important life lessons and because of that I learned how to work, not just for what I wanted, but also for what I needed and what my family would also need in the future. My test became my testimony and my ‘mess became my message.”

On loving competition and working hard:

“My desire to be great in any area of my life all comes from my competitive spirit. I love competition and for years I was told what I couldn’t achieve in life. Once I started achieving, I developed the heart and mindset to help others do what some say couldn’t be done. Everything I have was acquired through hard work and I try to instill that in my life. It’s one of the most important aspects of being a WWE Superstar: working hard.”

On having everything to become a champion in the WWE:

“I’ve always had goals to be as successful as possible in multiple areas of my life. I feel I have everything it takes to be a champion in WWE. I also have goals of continuing success outside of the ring with my charitable efforts through my Family Foundation as well as hopefully venturing into movies and television.”

You can check out the entire interview by clicking here.