Details Regarding Brock Lesnar’s New Deal With WWE

Dave Meltzer discussed Brock Lesnar new deal with WWE on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, and noted that it is a short term deal that will allow to fight at least once with the UFC while still being under a WWE contract.

Regarding Brock Lesnar’s new deal with WWE, Meltzer said:

“There’s not a lot of info… it’s a short-term deal. It allows him to fight in the UFC at least once, perhaps more. But if it’s a short-term deal there’s probably only a need to fight once. It may just be.. It has to be at least six months before he can fight anyway, because he has to go through six months of USDA testing, and he hasn’t gone in for the testing. It could also be that he has no intention of going back to UFC and this whole thing was just a ploy to get a new deal. But if that’s the case, he probably would have signed for a longer-term deal.”


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