Ring of Honor Wrestling Ep. 306 Recap & Review: Women of Honor!

We’re here for a Women of Honor special of Ring of Honor Wrestling, featuring Ian Riccaboni and ROH COO Joe Koff on commentary from the Lowell War Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Here’s our first match of the show, and out here is the first competitor, Sumie Sakai.

Now her opponents, making her TV debut, from Stardom, Kris Wolf.

Sumie Sakai vs. Kris Wolf

Pre match handshake, Todd Sinclair calls for the bell, both go at each other with forearms, Sakai goes for a running forearm, Wolf ducks and sweeps her with a kick.

Knee strike from Wolf, picks her up, Jawbreaker from Sakai, Arm Wrench from Sakai, Wolf flips out of it, Sakai twists the arm again and Wolf flips out of it again, third time’s the charm for Wolf as she counters with an Arm Drag after a flip.

Sakai with a forearm, Wolf ducks, goes for a German Suplex, unable to lift her, back elbows to break it up, Wolf with a spin kick, caught, single leg takedown from Sakai.

Sakai rolls Wolf onto her back, lifts her up with her arm, but Wolf answers with an Wrist Lock Takedown, causing Sakai to roll to the outside.

Wolf with a Suicide dive, caught, but now sends Sakai down with a Head Scissors Takedown. Wolf on the apron, Penalty Kick. Wolf looks to smash her head into the apron, but Sakai block and counters as we head to the first break.
We’re back in the arena, Wolf sends Sakai into the ring, gets in, on the second rope, Double Knee Drop, Sakai rolls away, running Toe Kick from Sakai, Judo Hip Toss, Armbar applied.

Wolf resists, tries to grab the ropes but Sakai changes the hold to a Crossface. Wolf crawls to the rope and forces a rope break.

Stomp from Sakai, another now, a third, picks her up,takes her to the apron, rolls to the outside, traps her in the apron, and proceeds to spank her a number of times, gets in, Dropkicks her.

Sakai on the top, Wolf rolls in, and eats a Front Dropkick. Cover, One, Two, kickout. Sakai picks her up, Wolf with a right, blocked, Crucifix, transition into a rollup, One, Two, reversed, One, Two, another reversal, One, Two, again a reversal, another two, again, one and Sakai rolls out of it, Spin kick, missed, School Boy roll up, One! Two! No!

Toe kick from Sakai, Double Axe Handle to the back, Suplex Slam to Wolf. Sakai stands on her, goes to the top, Moonsault, Wolf rolls away, Shining Wizard. Cover, One, Two, kickout.

Wolf picks her up, Sakai grabs her arm and drops down to the mat, taking her with her.

Fisherman Buster from Sakai, Cover, One, Two, another kickout. Sakai picks her up, Series of forearms in the corner, runs into Wolf’s boots, Wolf on the apron, Sakai comes at her but eats a Knee Strike, Wolf goes over the top rope, Mysterio Special rollup, another two count.

Wolf runs, Sakai behind her, roll up, released, Sakai goes for a reverse DDT, Wolf drops down, rollup, Two count, runs, jumps on Sakai who’s on her neck, hooks the legs, One, Two, Three.

Kris Wolf def. Sumie Sakai via Pinfall (N/A) (8:11)*

Post match Wolf offers a handshake and Sakai shakes it.

Review: Meh! Okay, uhh, okay, this is okay. Details? Here are details, Dead crowd? Check. Weak strikes? Check. Stupid series of pins that looked lame? Check. Lack of thigh slapping to create the illusion of strikers? Check. WHO DOES A SHINING WIZARD WITHOUT A THIGH SLAP? WHO? Just my two cents, hate mail goes at my email, I’ll respond.

Here’s Jay Lethal with a commercial for a Knee Brace from Health Alert Hotline in case Silas reminds you how many days Lethal hasn’t been on TV.

We’re back and oh boy it’s Silas again, and the signboard, and hey it’s Bruiser. Silas has a mic, he says this show can use a little testosterone. The fact is that it’s now been 36 days since you’ve seen Jay Lethal. Guess who doesn’t watch the show. He berates Lethal and says he’ll never be seen again on ROH TV in his life.

Here’s a hype promo for Mandy Leon and Jenny Rose, who trained together in the ROH dojo. Mandy talks about accidentally hitting Jenny with a forearm on the last Women of Honor show, her debut match being against Jenny, and now a rematch three years later.

Here’s Jenny, again a dead crowd.

And now Mandy Leon, she’s here.

Jenny Rose vs. Mandy Leon

Pre match handshake, the bell rings, both circle around, Collar and Elbow Tie Up, Rolling Drag from Mandy, series of running Arm Drags from both, lariat from Mandy, Jenny ducks down, rolls her up, cover, two. Now Mandy rolls her up, also a two.

Knee thrust from Jenny, backhand chop, Irish Whip followed by another Knee Thrust on the ropes, traps Mandy in the ropes and uses her leg to push her head away while pulling her arm.

Series of quick Slaps from Jenny, Irish Whip, reversed, Knee Thrust on the ropes, Chipping Penalty Kick, running Neck Snapper, cover, One, Two, kickout.

Irish Whip from Mandy, drops down, drops down again and grabs Jenny’s leg, mounts on her back and pulls her hair, the ref. starts the count but she keeps switching her hands to restart the count.

Jenny rolls to the outside, Mandy on the apron, Cannonball. Mandy picks Jenny up who responds with a Jawbreaker. Jenny with a Toe Kick, DDT on the floor as we go to commercials.

We’re back and Jenny is stomping Mandy in the ring. Single leg Boston Crab from Jenny, pulls her hair to increase the torque, successful transition into a reverse Bow & Arrow Lock, releases the hold with a quick forearm. Stomp to Mandy, right hand, Backhand Chop, Irish Whip, Mandy reverses an Arm Drag into a Bridging pin, One, reversed, another One. Mandy has Jenny up, Spinning Side Slam.

Jenny on the second rope, Mandy tries a Head Scissors Takedown, countered, Diving Lariat. Cover, One, Two, Kickout.

Jenny picks up Mandy, right hand, countered, Unprettier. Cover, One, Two, No. Irish Whip from Mandy into the corner, runs at her, Back Elbow, Jenny on the second rope, Mandy charges at her, Head Scissors Takedown.

Scissors Full Nelson applied, Jenny counters into a pin, One, Two, Kickout, Jenny reverses into a Surfboard, releases the hold and stomps her back.

Forearms from Mandy, Jenny counters, perhaps looking for a Tiger Suplex, Mandy drops down, Bridging pin, Two count. Mandy going to the top, Jenny from behind, Electric Chair Drop. Cover, One, Two, Three.

Jenny Rose def. Mandy Leon via Pinfall (Electric Chair Drop) (8:14)*

Post match both hug and Mandy raises Jenny’s hand.

Review: Okay. More okay.

Here’s a hype video for the main event, Supercard of Honor XI, April 1 2017, Kelly Klein tapped out to a Fujiwara Armbar from Deonna but the referee was out due to an accidental Eye Poke and then defeated her after a cheap shot and then a Northern Lights Suplex.
And then Charm City Excellence, April 8 2017, Kelly Klein vs. Karen Q, Deonna Purrazo distracted Kelly to cause a countout loss.

We go to commercials before our main event kicks off.

Oh here are some highlights of the past few weeks including the Briscoes’ Story, Shane Taylor destroying Mikey Whip and Kenny King’s win.

Here’s Kenny King with a promo backstage. It was a face promo, so the turn did happen.

Here’s Karen Q, Main Event time.

Now the second participant, Kelly Klein billed as the Gatekeeper, when did Guerrilla terms become nicknames?

And now, the last participant, Deonna Purrazzo, and hello commercials.

Kelly Klein vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Karen Q

Karen offers Kelly a handshake to no response, but Deonna shakes it. Kelly goes at both with a Double Lariat, both duck, both with Forearms to Kelly, send her into the corner, Double Irish Whip attempt, Kelly resists, Double Toe Kick, and now the Irish Whip.

Deonna with a Handflip Lariat, and Karen with a Handspring Forearm. T-Bone Suplex from Karen to Kelly.

Pump kick from Deonna to Kelly, who escapes to the outside. The other two in the ring, Test of Strength, both dominated one after the other, Karen first, then Deonna, Headlock takedown from Deonna, one from Karen, Headscissors, Kickout.

Headlock from Deonna, Karen sends her running, Kelly takes her down from the outside. Kelly smashes her head into the apron, Karen with a Dropkick through the ropes to Kelly. Deonna on the apron, Lariat to Kelly.

Deonna picks her up but Kelly throws her into the barricade, Karen on the top rope, Frog Crossbody! Karen sends Kelly in, gets in, Steps on her, runs, rolling Senton, Standing Moonsault, cover, One? Yeah one.

Kelly with a Jawbreaker, but runs into an elbow from Karen, Karen on the second rope, Kelly with a strike, Karen with a kick, goes for a Hurricanrana, countered into a Powerbomb! Cover! One! Two! Nope.

Kelly stomps her, Irish Whip into the corner, forearm, and another Irish Whip and now another. Snapmare, Low Kick, cover, Deonna breaks it up.

Deonna with forearms to Kelly, Karen joins her, both run the ropes, Double Lariat! Kelly kicks Karen to the outside, Deonna with a Dogbutt, Kelly with a Dropping reverese Neckbreaker as we head to our final break.

We’re back, running knee to Deonna from Kelly, cover, Karen breaks it up. Karen with a Knee thrust to Kelly, Suplex, Kelly resists, Deonna joins in, reversed into a Suplex for both. Kelly running strikes to both, Codebreaker to Karen.

Deonna with Forearms, Spin Kick, running Knee, German Suplex. Cover, One, Two, No. Deonna picks her up, hard Backhand Chops! Knee thrust from Kelly, Forearm, Northern Lights Suplex, Cover, One, Two, Karen breaks it up.

Deonna rolls out, Boston Crab attempt on Kelly by Karen, countered, Fireman’s carry by Kelly, countered, front Facelock from Karen, countered, Big Boot!

Deonna comes back it, more chops, running Forearm to Kelly, goes for the Fujiwara Armbar, resistance successful, Knee Strikes to Deonna’s head, Karen from behind, Dropkick to Knee, sends Kelly to the outside, rolls Deonna up, One, Two, Three.

Karen Q def. Deonna Purrazzo and Kelly Klein via Pinfall (N/A) (7:59)*

Review: Okay, a bit more okay, but okay.

Show Rating: E+

Review: You give us okay, I give you okay, sweet deal Delirious. Also, why did you get rid of Rico DeLaVega? Why?

Here’s a recap of Cody pinning Daniels for the title and his challenge to Daniels and his reply.

Advertised for Next Week: Cody Rhodes (C) vs. Christopher Daniels (Two out of Three Falls) (ROH World Heavyweight Championship)

*Match times include commercial times, some matches have blackouts instead of commercials.