Ring of Honor Wrestling Ep. 305 Recap & Review: TV Championship!

We’re back for another episode of Ring of Honor’s TV show with Ian Riccaboni, and now Rico DeLaVega on commentary instead of Colt Cabana, Rico hates Ian. Advertised for tonight, Jay White vs. KUSHIDA for the ROH Television Championship.

The Young Bucks & Adam Page are in the ring. Matt Jackson has a microphone, and a mouth ready to talk. He says that there is no competition in the tag team division anymore and they now want the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

Matt hands the mic to Nick who says that after defeating the former champions, the Briscoes & Bully Ray, they now have their eyes on the current champions, the Boys & Dalton Castle and since Bullet Club is the one in office, consider it booked.

Adam Page grabs the mic and introduces another member of the Bullet Club, Marty Scurll.

Up next, Six-Man Mayhem, El Terrible vs. Will Ferrara vs. Vinny Marseglia vs. Josh Woods vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Marty Scurll.

We’re back from commercials and Josh Woods is making his way to the ring. A recap of Josh Woods vs. Jay Briscoe from three weeks ago is shown.

Out next is Vinny Marseglia accompanied by Matt Taven & TK O’Ryan. And now, Will Ferrara. A replay of him betraying Cheeseburger is shown.

Participant number five, from CMLL, El Terrible, a recap of The Kingdom vs. Team CMLL is on display. Now out finally the last one, Frankie Kazarian. His replay has Adam / Hangman Page being choked.

El Terrible vs. Will Ferrara vs. Vinny Marseglia w/ The Kingdom vs. Josh Woods vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Marty Scurll w/ Bullet Club (Six-Man Mayhem)

Vinny and Marty start the match, Kazarian immediately tags himself in from behind and Marty flees to the outside. Marty jumps onto the apron but drops down again.

Will Ferrara substitutes for Marty, he goes all over Kazarian with forearms. Irish whip, arm drag reversed into fireman’s carry slam, which in turn is reversed into a crufix pin which is reversed too. Marty comes in, stomps Kazarian to break the pin and rushes to the outside immediately.

Ferrara cashes in on the distraction and gets control. Irish whip from Ferrara, reversed, hip toss transitioned into a neckbreaker from Kazarian. Cover! Marty does it again and runs away immediately. Kazarian chases him away. Now Josh Woods substitutes for Kazarian. Woods sidesteps a takedown, lifting flapjack from Woods, front facelock, reversal attempt countered into a headlock, hammerlock but a rope break.

Irish whip countered into a forearm that doesn’t even move Woods, Ferrara flees to the outside. Vinny from behind, Waist lock, countered into a headlock takedown, reverse armbar, now headlock, Vinny sends him running but Woods grabs the ropes, and Ferrara catches his legs and pulls him to the outside.

El Terrible comes in to be fill in for Woods. Both go at each other with vicious forehand chops, Low Kick from El Terrible, Irish whips Vinny into the corner, runs right into his knees. Vinny, spins over him, single arm Russian leg sweep.

Cover, One! Two! Here’s Marty, pulls Vinny away and makes a quick escape. Inside, headlock from El Terrible, countered, Vinny sends him running, shoulder tackle from the CMLL star. Terrible starts running, jumps over Vinny but Vinny catches his leg and takes him down, now Vinny runs, senton but Terrible rolls away. Kick to his back from Terrible, Irish whip into the corner,runs into an European uppercut.

Middle kick from Terrible, Irish whip to corner reversed, forearm in the corner. Terrible immediately comes up behind Vinny and both attack each other with quick forehand chops, shoulder from Terrible and a running slap, sending Vinny to the outside.

Will Ferrara from behind, toe kick, tries an Irish whip, but is unable to move Terrible who responds with an Irish whip that throws Ferrara into the corner. Runs at him, back elbow from Ferrara followed by a DDT. Cover! One! Two! Here’s Marty, now he’s not, another quick escape. Kazarian tries to chase the Villain but fails , instead throws Ferrara out, making him the one in the ring with Terrible.

Forehand chop from Kazarian, Terrible calls for more, at this point, Terrible’s chest has turned red from all the chops, eye poke from Kazarian, forearm, A LOUD SLAP FROM TERRIBLE, KAZARIAN GOES DOWN TO HIS KNEES! Irish whip from Terrible, Lariat, Kazarian ducks, Terrible immediately turns and delivers a loud lariat. Cover! Oh hi Marty, we go to commercials.

We’re back, Vinny and Ferrara are in the ring. Vinny goes for a right, Ferrara ducks, goes for a German, reversed, Woods from behind, Vinny with a wheelbarrow suplex to Ferrara and Woods with a German Suplex to Vinny simultaneously.

Kazarian gets in, running Front Dropkick sends Woods to the outside. Kazarian dives to the outside with a slingshot Hurricanrana to Woods. Kazarian runs at woods, Catch Suplex from Woods!

Ferrara now, knee strike from Woods followed by a Bicycle knee, sending him into a couple of chairs in the corner. Woods runs across, another knee strike. It’s Shane Taylor from behind, Lariat to Woods! Runs at him against the apron, AND KNOCKS HIM OUT WITH A SUCKER PUNCH!

Inside the ring, it’s Vinny and Terrible doing their business. Running front dropkick to Vinny, Kazarian comes in, inverted DDT to Terrible, in comes Ferrara, tornado DDT from the second rope, both men are down, Vinny from the top, senton bomb!

Vinny rolls to the outside, in comes Marty, he’s ready, measuring Ferrara, in comes Vinny and away runs the Villain. Kazarian runs at Vinny, he sidesteps sending Kazarian into the corner. Vinny charges at Kazarian who sends him over to the apron. Kazarian leaps over a shoulder block through the ropes and connects with the bicycle kick, looking for an outside dive, Vinny steps away, Kazarian stops at the apron, Ferrara inside, shoulder block through the ropes by Kazarian, Slingshot DDT!

El Terrible comes in and goes down with a backstabber, and then an Unprettier. Kazarian slingshots Vinny into a cutter! IT’S MARTY! HE THROWS KAZARIAN OUT! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Marty Scurll def. Vinny Marseglia, El Terrible, Will Ferrara, Josh Woods & Frankie Kazarian via pinfall on Vinny Marseglia (N/A)

Review: I’d rather watch an enjoyable fun match than a boring but sound match, so this was cool. Oh Marty, he was booked perfectly, he’s a great weasel, and the crowds love him.

Kazarian comes in on a celebrating Marty who quickly escapes to the outside.

Up Next, Jay White vs. KUSHIDA for the ROH Television Championship.

Christopher Daniels has his answer ready for Cody’s challenge, a two out of three falls match. He says he had a fire lit inside him after his loss to Cody. He had an outburst next week in Chicago Ridge, the ROH officials told him to stay at home and think about it, he did, and he accepts, in two weeks ON ROH TV.

And now, Can BOSLEY* Regrow Your Hair? Wait that’s a commercial, my bad.

* Individual results may vary.

We’re back and it’s time for the main event, no it’s not, the presentation really needs to be worked on. The Beer City Bruiser accompanied by Silas Young, he’s facing Brian Milonas from Manchester, New Hampshire. Silas still has the signboard with him.

Beer City Bruiser vs. Brian Milonas

Chest Bump from Bruiser and Brian answers with one of his own, lariat from Bruiser to no effect. Both in opposite corners, runs at each other, no effect again. Brian runs the ropes, Bruiser comes up behind him, crossbody, Brian catches him, fallaway slam! Newsflash, 300 pounders aren’t fast.

Silas shouts at Bruiser from the outside, Brian with a corner to corner splash, now Irish whip to the opposite corner, back thrust, running lariat from Brian! Silas on the apron, distraction provided, Bruiser from behind, dropkick sends Brian to the outside! Bruiser on the apron, CANNONBALL! Silas Young is happy. Bruiser takes Brian to the inside, a big running punch to Brian in the corner, corner to corner Irish whip, and another running punch! Now a lariat takes Brian down.

Bruiser, back thrust, cannonball! Cover! One! Two! No! Bruiser goes to the top, Brian gets up, punches Bruiser, both on the top, Suplex position, SUPERPLEX! COVER! ONE! TWO! SOMEHOW HE’S UP! Brian runs the ropes, reverse back senton. Cover, one, two, no!

Brian on the second rope, diving leg drop, Bruiser sidesteps, Dropkick from Bruiser. Bruiser to the top, FROG SPLASH! Cover! One! Two! Three!

Beer City Bruiser def. Brian Milonas via pinfall (Frog Splash)

Silas has a mic and says Bruiser has continued to impress him night in and night out and he handed the defeated to Brian just like Silas did 29 days ago, he corrects the 22 days on the signboard to 22, when he destroyed Jay Lethal and he think Lethal won’t return, ever.

And here’s Jay Lethal to promote his merch and ROHWrestling.com right after this promo, WONDERFUL!

We’re back and it’s the New Zealander Jay White making his way to the ring.

KUSHIDA’s here, KUSHIDA has pyro too.

KUSHIDA (c) vs. Jay White (ROH Television Championship)

Test of strength grapple starts the match, rolls and flips position White with an arm submission on KUSHIDA, KUSHIDA now up to his feet with the arm wrench applied, flips out of it, drop toe hold, front facelock to White. Strong mat game from KUSHIDA, Cover, kickout at one. KUSHIDA misses a dropkick to the knee, back up, waist lock from KUSHIDA , successful transition to headlock, sends White running who counters with a shoulder block.

White runs the ropes only to be caught with the hip toss / dropkick combo. KUSHIDA with a tricep stretcher, stands on his tricep to put some pressure on it. Irish whip attempt from KUSHIDA, White resists, a high kick counters the resistance, Irish whip again but this time reversed, dropkick from White as we head to commercials.

We’re back and White has KUSHIDA in the corner, backhand chops connecting on KUSHIDA’s chest, toe kick, European uppercut, a strong corner to corner Irish whip takes KUSHIDA down. Cover! One! Two! Two count. Headlock from White, KUSHIDA gets back to his feet, back elbow to the neck from White, Russian leg sweep, cover, another two count.

White with a Sharpshooter, transition into a Muta Lock! Grabs KUSHIDA’s arm for extra pressure, but KUSHIDA grabs the rope with his other. KUSHIDA fights back with forearms and chops, sends White into the corner, runs at him, White sidesteps, rolls him up but is unable to cover, but connects with a loud backhand chop.

White runs the ropes, KUSHIDA right behind him, rolling heel kick, White goes to the outside. KUSHIDA flies with a topé con giro. Sends White in, misses a running kick, connects with a knee thrust, runs, White leapfrogs and connects with a cross chop and follows with a running European uppercut in the corner.

Double arm suplex, it’s a Three Amigos variation, but KUSHIDA counters the third, arm wrench, countered, front face lock, suplex into the corner, Cover! One! Two! No! White deadlifts him, countered, Kimura locked in! White is down to the mat! Lifts KUSHIDA up and tries to power out of the lock, fails, tries again, suplex, KUSHIDA evades, but White with another backhand chop.

KUSHIDA goes for a punch, countered, Flatliner! White with a deadlift German suplex! Shoulders down! One! Two! COUNTERED INTO THE HOVERBOARD LOCK! White’s long legs make a rope break happen as we head to a break.

We’re back and KUSHIDA with a handspring back elbow! White catches him into head scissors, repeated elbows to KUSHIDA’s throat, cobra clutch crossface applied! KUSHIDA drags himself to the ropes but White drags him away before he can grab the ropes.

White with a lifting double underhook facebuster, Cover! One! Two! Still not over! White is ready, goes for the Kiwi Krusher, countered, rollup, One! Two! Kickout! White goes for a lariat, KUSHIDA ducks and connects with a Pele kick! Both are down! The referee starts the count, both up at four, PENALTY KICK TO WHITE’S ARM! KUSHIDA runs at White, catches him, KIWI KRUSHER! ONE! TWO! THREE NO!

White’s arm is giving him problems, KUSHIDA, arm breaker, both trade forearms, backhand chop to a running KUSHIDA, and the Powerful Punch! White with a forearm and both are down again.

Both up again, White in the corner, KUSHIDA charges at him, back elbow from White, backhand chop, running Enzuigiri on the second rope to White! Both on top, White fights back, HOVERBOARD LOCK APPLIED ON THE TOP! ARM DRAG FROM THE TOP! WHITE GOES FOR THE ROPE! KUSHIDA ROLLS! BACK TO THE FUTURE! ONE! TWO! THREE!

KUSHIDA def. Jay White via pinfall (Back to the Future)

Review: I totally expected Jay White to win, like totally.

Wait, what is Kenny King doing in the ROH zone? Kenny’s hair, he enters the ring as White and KUSHIDA shake hands. Kenny raises KUSHIDA’s arm and grabs the championship, not taking it away from KUSHIDA though, and has a chat with him.

Show Rating: B-

Review: This one wasn’t bad, looks like they finally are back.

Advertised for Next Week: A Women of Honor Special of Ring of Honor Wrestling TV, featuring Sumie Sakai vs. Kris Wolf and a main event of Karen Q vs. Kelly Klein vs. Deonna Purrazzo.