Ring of Honor Wrestling Ep. 301 Recap & Review: Punishment (from) Martinez!

We’re at the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, IL for another episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling with Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana and Alex Shelley on commentary. Advertised for tonight, Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez and Bobby Fish vs. Silas Young.

Flip Gordon is in the ring. Next guy out is Jonathan Gresham.

Flip Gordon vs. Jonathan Gresham

A pre match handshake, Waist lock from Gresham, series of counters from Flip but all blocked, both back on their feet.

Collar and elbow tie up, Gresham with the arm wrench, Flip flips to reverse to no effect three times, a series of partial Kipups, Gresham lets go, Gordon’s still going and throws a taunt at Gresham.

Double leg takedown from Gresham, runs the ropes, Gordon evades by staying down, handspring from Gresham, headlock takedown, head scissors from Gordon, both back up.

This time Gordon with the headlock takedown and Gresham with the scissors, and now Gresham with the headlock takedown and Gordon with the scissors, and again Gordon’s headlock takedown and Gresham’s scissors.

Gordon gets out but Gresham holds his arm and pulls him in for another head scissors, Gordon escapes with a handstand.

Gresham offers a handshake, Gordon accepts but gets hit with a dropkick. Gresham charges into Gordon in the corner, blocks a boot, backhand chop to Gordon.

Corner to corner Irish whip, Gordon jumps up to the second rope, cartwheels over Gresham using the top rope.

Gresham with a running lariat, but Gordon evades by lying down and immediately kips up and follows with a dropkick to Gresham.

Handspring back elbow to Gresham in the corner, Snapmare, Penalty Kick, Standing Moonsault! Cover! Two count.

Gordon runs right into a boot from Gresham in the corner, Seated Senton by Gresham from the second rope. A Penalty kick to Gordon’s arm, arm drag.

Arm wrench from Gresham, Gordon connects with a forearm, Gresham answers with one of his own. Another arm wrench from Gresham meets the same fate, even harder this time.

Irish whip, Gresham blocks, elbow from Gordon, another Irish whip, reversed, Springboard Slingblade from Gordon!

Gordon’s having some issues with his arm after all the attacks on his arm from Gresham throughout the match.

Another arm wrench from Gresham, Gordon counters, Gresham ducks a spin kick, jumps over a low spin kick but is unable to evade a Pele kick.

Gordon runs right into Gresham’s boots in the corner, Gresham on the second rope, Springboard Shin Kick and down goes Gresham to the floor! Gordon runs to the top rope and a very high splash onto Gresham.

Gordon has Gresham in position, Rotating Frog Splash! Cover! One! Two! Gresham kicks out at two. Gordon runs into an elbow from Gresham, roll up, One Count! Low kick from Gordon.

Irish whip reversed into a stunner by Gresham followed by an Enzuigiri, and a German Suplex. Gordon sends a running Gresham into the corner, High kick to the neck.

Gresham pushes Gordon away, Crossbody from the second rope, Gordon counts into a pin, a two count. Death Valley Driver / Shuffle Side Kick combo from Gordon! Cover! One! Gresham reverses into a crucifix pin! One! Two! Gordon escapes in time!

Three kick combo from Gordon sends Gresham down. Gresham sets him in position, Gordon to the top, 450 Splash, Gresham rolls away, Frankensteiner from Gresham, Gordon rolls over for a pin on Gresham, another two count.

Gresham strikes on Gordon’s arm, Octopus Stretch locked in! Gordon taps out!

Jonathan Gresham def. Flip Gordon via Submission (Octopus Stretch)

Review: A spotfest that lacked psychology, Gordon is talented but looked lost in there. Felt like a cheap Ospreay vs. Ricochet knock off. Can be skipped, not very good, but not bad either. Looks like this fella’s gonna be pushed.

Alex Shelley has left the left the commentary table and is in the ring with a mic. Shelley says that the match was awesome and calls Gordon into the ring. He tells Gordon that Gordon’s the future of Ring of Honor and he needs Ring of Honor as much as Ring of Honor needs him. He tells him it’ll be an Honor if he’s able to help him here and congratulates him of signing a contract with ROH.

Jay White talks about his match with Punishment Martinez and the assaults that led to this match and we go to break.

We’re back and Josh Woods is being hyped. Ian Riccaboni is with Josh Woods for an interview. Ian talks about the ROH World TV Championship. Josh says he won the 2017 Top Prospect tournament and earned a title shot, but the current Champion (KUSHIDA) is far away in the east, so he wants to fight Jay Briscoe tonight. He says he doesn’t care who Jay is, he’s either gonna get knocked out or he’ll tap out.

Silas Young makes his way to the ring. And now, coming in is Bobby Fish.

Bobby Fish vs. Silas Young

Silas goes for a Shoulder thrust into the corner but Fish evades. The bell rings, Fish rolls him up, goes for the kneebar but Silas grabs the bottom rope.

Silas escapes to the outside, Fish comes out and Silas immediately gets in. Bobby gets in and is stomped by Silas. Both guys trading strikes in the ring, Fish ducks a lariat and strikes with three hard hits, sending Silas into the ropes.

Snapmare by Fish, Topé Atomico, Silas rolls out of the ring, Fish goes out too, shoulder thrusts him into the barricade. Forearm followed by a Middle kick to Silas, Irish whip reversed by Silas, Fish reverses the reversal into another Shoulder thrust into the barricade.

Fish sends Silas into the ring, moves towards him into the corner and eats a boot. Silas on the second rope, back rake from Silas.

Silas with a lariat, Fireman’s carry, Fish counters, Boot to Silas sends him into the corner. Fish with a running Knee thrust, corner to corner Irish whip reversed, Silas runs into Bobby’s boot.

Arm snapper from Fish, hits his arm, Middle kick, Silas ducks, but can’t evade the back kick. Cross armbar from Fish but Silas lands with his foot on the bottom rope and escapes to the outside.

Fish grabs Silas from the inside but is sent down to the mat as Silas pulls his feet. Forearm strikes to Fish lying with his torso and head on the apron.

Slingshot double foot stomp from Silas to Fish from the apron to the inside and we head to commercials.

We’re back live and a hard Irish whip from Silas to Fish into the corner. Cover, a kickout at two. Silas with a Snapmare, chin lock applied, transition to a headlock, Fish with hard shots to Silas, gets out of the headlock, mat slam from Silas.

Silas stomps Fish, Fish tries to gain some momentum via a punch but Silas comes back with two. Rope assisted foot choke from Silas.

Suplex from Silas, cover, one count. Full Nelson from Silas, Fish gets out, goes for a wheelbarrow, Silas rolls him up, cover and a two count.

Big boot to fish, corner to corner Irish whip reversed, Silas goes over Fish, swinging pendulum backbreaker from Silas. Cover! One! Two! No, kickout.

Big boot to Fish in the corner, followed by another, running lariat, goes for another, Bobby ducks, forearm, low kick, middle kick, Back Suplex!
Both trading strikes, Cutter from Silas, Fish rolls out of the ring. Silas on the apron, jumps over a kick from Fish, a Boot to the face of Fish from Silas.

Fish goes for another, Silas slingshots to the inside, goes for a Springboard dropkick, Fish catches him, sleeper hold on Silas, in the middle of the ring but Silas gets to the ropes. Fish locks it in again, but Silas counters with a hotshot.

Silas gets back into the ring and FISH SPEARS HIM RIGHT TO THE OUTSIDE! Both trading strikes on the outside, Silas throws Fish on the timekeepers table. Silas with a punch to the head of Fish as we go to another break.

We’re back and both are still outside, each on opposite ends of a ring post. We’re shown a replay of Fish being thrown into a barricade and Silas into a ring post and a trash can strike to the back of Silas.

Back on the current action, Shoulder thrust from Silas, knee strike from Fish, forearm, Shin kick, another one and now a really hard one. Silas is trapped on the apron, pulls Fish right into the ring post.

Series of knee strikes to Fish, Silas pulls Fish into the ring, knee strike, Misery, One! Two! Three!

Silas Young def. Bobby Fish via Pinfall (Misery)

Review: Generic TV match number 3249235? Also, who’s the heel here? Silas didn’t look like one. This may be the best match on the card though.

Silas tries to talk to Fish post match but Fish shoves him off.

Adam Cole vs. Marty Scurll is hyped, which you can watch on rohwrestling.com

The lights are out, and it’s time for Punishment Martinez’s arrival. The New Zealander Jay White is next in.

Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez

Jay White looks to gain momentum with strikes, headlock from Jay, sent to the ropes, shoulder block but Martinez stands still. Jay slaps Martinez, Martinez grabs him by his throat, sends him into the corner, runs right into a back elbow.

White ducks a big boot, Martinez is stuck, series of kicks to his other leg, and now a running dropkick to that leg. A running lariat sends Martinez to the outside. Martinez jumps up to the apron only to be sent back by a dropkick.

White on the apron, running Forearm, running uppercut to Martinez on the corner of the barricades. White picks Martinez up and strikes with another.

Backhand chop, European uppercut, sends Martinez to the inside, on the top rope, flying front dropkick. Cover for a two count. Running Uppercut into the corner, goes for a back Suplex, countered with a Mongolian Chop from Martinez.

White ducks a Big Boot and a lariat, but a spinning wheel kick proves to be too much. Martinez with an Irish whip into the corner, running elbow, running lariat, another running elbow. Standing Powerslam to White.

Another attempt, White reverses, Dropkick to a running Martinez. White runs into a really hard Big Boot in the corner and we go to adverts.

We’re back on the show, Martinez is still in control. White tries to hit Martinez, Knee strike from Martinez, Snapmare, Cover for a two count. Both on their knees, forearm from White, a hard Mongolian Chop from Martinez.

Corner to corner Irish Whip, running elbow, goes for another but White stops him with a Dropkick to knee. Irish whip from White, reversed, another Dropkick to knee from White. Forearms from White, ducks a punch from Martinez, more strikes send Martinez into the corner.

Backhand chop, Dragon screw from White, goes for the figure four, Martinez counters, charges at White in the corner, White sidesteps.

Two German Suplexes, Martinez resists, clubs to the back, reverse STO from White and now the third German Suplex. Cover! One! Two! No! Another two count.

Ten punches in the corner stopped mid way, Powerbomb attempt, White escapes, Pulls down the top rope, sending a running Martinez down to the outside. Topé Suicida from White, MARTINEZ DOESN’T GO DOWN! BEDROCK SLAM ON THE APRON!

Sends White in, running elbow into the corner followed by a discus lariat, a hard punch to his face, Sitout Suplex Slam! Cover! One! Two! Not this time.

Martinez goes for a spinning Roundhouse, Jay ducks, goes for a Reverse STO, another counter and a kick to the head of Jay. Argentine Backbreaker position from Martinez, Jay reverses, Bedrock Slam! Cover! One! Two! Almost had him.

Jay picks him up for the Kiwi-Krusher, unable to lift him up, instead plants him with a Brainbuster! Cover! One! Two! It’s 2.99! 2.99!

Jay picks him up, Martinez with a reverse Death Valley Driver! Chops from Jay, kicks his knee, forearms, forehand chop, Big boot from Martinez, Martinez goes for the South of Heaven, White rolls him up, cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Jay White def. Punishment Martinez (Roll up pin)

Review: I stand corrected, this was the best match on the card, not a great match, just good, very near to very good.

Martinez didn’t like the loss, goes for a kick, Jay ducks, dropkicks him to the outside, follows him to the outside, landing forearms, backhand chop, Irish whip, reversed, knee strike, Martinez throws Jay into the barricade.

The timekeepers table is cleared, POWERBOMB ON THE TABLE!

Martinez stands tall as we go off air.

Rating: D+

Show Review: If you got anything else to do, do it rather than watching this, this episode was a waste of time if White and Martinez hadn’t done what they did.

Advertised for Next week:

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