Ring of Honor Wrestling Ep. 300 Recap & Review: Best in the World Go Home Show!

It’s the 300th episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling, with Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

Bobby Cruise is in the ring for the announcements, out come Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser. It’s a tag team match.

A recap of last week is shown in which Adam Cole distracted Marty Scurll, costing him the ROH Television Championship to KUSHIDA.

Out now, first, Bobby Fish, and then, his partner Jay Lethal. Another recap is shown from a few weeks ago when Bobby came out to save Lethal from Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser.

Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser vs. Bobby Fish and Jay Lethal

Silas and Fish start the match, but Silas immediately tags in Bruiser, he really wants none. Collar and elbow tie up, transition to headlock from Bruiser, Bobby sends him into the ropes, runs back, shoulder tackle.

Bruiser runs around, leapfrogs and drop downs from Bobby, a lot of them and Bruiser has lost his breath here. Bobby wants Silas in, he’s constantly calling him in, Jay tags in from behind. Lethal wants Bruiser instead.

Collar and elbow, arm wrench from Lethal, headlock from Bruiser, Lethal sends him into the ropes and he’s repeating what Bobby did. Bruiser’s tired and is on his knees, catching his breath.

Lethal wants Silas in now, Bruiser wants to tag Silas in, but he refuses and drops down to the floor. Silas gets him a beer can, Bruiser’s full of energy again and now both Lethal and Bobby are making him run.

Bruiser quickly runs into his corner and spits all the beer out. The trick seems to have worked, Bobby and Lethal are in control as we go to commercial.

We’re back, Bobby and Lethal are still in control, springboard dropkick from Lethal to Silas on the apron followed by a suicide dive. Lethal gets him back in the ring, tag made to Bobby, a suplex / topé atomico combo by the two. Cover and Silas kicks out just before 2.

Another tag, club the back of Silas by Lethal as Bobby holds him in position. Double Irish whip, Silas reverses, sends Lethal running, waistlock by Fish, countered with a back elbow. Lethal takes out Bruiser with the same move.

Big boot from Silas to Bobby, pump kick / enzuigiri combination to Silas from Lethal. Bruiser comes from behind, Lethal goes for the hip toss, too heavy, Bruiser counters with a really hard lariat, flipping Lethal inside out.

Bruiser looks to lariat Bobby too but he reverses it into a Samoan drop. Bobby goes for Silas, shoulder thrust into the corner, catch suplex by Bobby, sending Silas right into the corner. Cover! A two count.

Tag made to Lethal who waits in the corner, Irish whip to Silas, reversed, Bobby goes over Lethal’s head, topé con giro from the apron to the outside over the turnbuckle! Down goes Bruiser.

Irish whip from Lethal to Silas, reversed, Lethal Injection, countered, Silas goes for Misery, but Bobby makes the save from behind. Both Silas and Bobby with striking offense to Silas, Lethal sends him down with a forearm, cover, Beer City Bruiser saves the match just in time.

Bobby kicks fish out of the ring. Lethal grabs Silas from behind, Bobby with a toe kick, Silas sidesteps and Lethal takes the shot, and drops down to the floor.

Bruiser on the apron, Bobby ready with the lariat, Bruiser ducks, flipping senton to Lethal on the outside! Bobby and Silas on the inside, unable to succeed with their offense, Bruiser gets in the ring.

Thrust kick to Silas sends him to the apron, full nelson by Bruiser, countered, now a wheelbarrow suplex / Stun Gun combo. Lethal back in, Silas runs right into a boot from Lethal.

Bruiser and Lethal trading strikes, Silas comes up from behind, Double Irish whip, Lethal Injection! Bruiser is out and rolls away to the outside. Silas and Lethal the two in the ring now, Silas with a knee strike, Misery! Cover! One! Two! Three!

Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser def. Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish by pinfall.

Review: A very good opener, not very long, entertaining throughout its whole length, and was not boring for even a moment.

Backstage promo with Christopher Daniels, he says 2017 has been a good year, his first ROH World Championship reign and the 300th episode of ROH. He tells to expect 2 things from ROH, continued excellence and continued dominance.

A post show backstage clip is shown, Jay Briscoe is very angry at Dalton Castle, Bully Ray and Mark Briscoe calm him down.

We`re back in the arena and the Boys are making their way to the ring, there are more people behind them, it’s the Kingdom, they are not waiting for the bell. The Boys are being manhandled.

Belly to back suplex from Matt Taven on the ramp to one the Boys. Vinny Marseglia is throwing the other around into the barricades, and now both Matt and Vinny send him head first into the barricade.Vinny with repeated mounted punches on that Boy.

Vinny has a belt and whips him with it, and then chokes him with the same belt. The Kingdom has pulled the mats off and Matt is ready for a piledriver on the concrete floor.

Dalton Castle’s music hits and he comes out to even the odds. He’s distracting the Kingdom from the outside. The Boys are right behind Matt and Vinny and the referee calls for the bell.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia w/ TK O’Ryan) vs. The Boys (Brent and Brandon w/ Dalton Castle)

A quick front dropkick to Matt Taven sends him to the outside, both Boys with a roll up on Vinny but he somehow manages to kick out at two. Vinny goes for a double lariat, both Boys duck down and connect with stereo Dropkicks.

Matt and Vinny on the apron, are kicked down, and the Boys connect with stereo topé con giros! A Boys chant in the arena, O’Ryan is not impressed.

The Boys send Vinny back inside, one grabs him and the other goes to the top rope. Matt from behind, pushes him straight to the floor, he didn`t even land on the apron. Vinny forearms the other one and now he’s in the corner, flattened by a running lariat.

Matt with the Guerrero Special! Sending a message to Ultimo Guerrero and El Terrible, their opponents for next week, followed by a Senton bomb from Vinny. The Cover! One! Two! Three!

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia w/ TK O’Ryan) def. The Boys (Brent and Brandon w Dalton Castle) via pinfall

Review: Squash Match: Tag Team Edition

Matt Taven has the mic, he says “We came here to make a statement” and signals to Vinny who takes the ref down with a pump kick. The Kingdom pose and then leave the ring. Jay Briscoe is in the ring, Dalton comes in too, protecting the boys. Mark is out trying to calm Jay down, Bully runs in to finally calm him down.

Hype promo for Punishment Martinez.

Punishment Martinez is making his entrance as we return and he’s facing Joey ‘Diesel’ Daddiego. A recap of Martinez beating Jay White up is shown.

Punishment Martinez vs. Joey ‘Diesel’ Daddiego

The bell rings, Joey hits Martinez with some punches to no effect, one punch countered and a throat thrust sends Joey right away to the ropes. Another strike by Joey who still hasn’t realized it’s not working.

Joey runs right into a lariat from Martinez. Two Irish whips by Martinez into opposite corners followed by a scoop slam and then a Springboard Rolling Thunder.

A series of Diving elbows into the corner by Martinez followed by a lariat and a hard hit to the face. Joey tries to fight back but a roundhouse kick leaves him dazed. South of Heaven! Cover! One! Two! Three!

Punishment Martinez def. Joey ‘Diesel’ Daddiego via pinfall.

Review: Your regular squash match, shows off what Martinez can do.

Will Ferrara and Cheeseburger are out to provide assistance to Joey but end up getting laid out for their troubles. Out comes Jay White, he counters Martinez’s offense for a while and strikes with his own and sends him to the outside with a lariat.

The Briscoes hype up the 300th episode of ROH.

We’re back in the ring and CHAOS is heading to the ring. Kevin Kelly is on commentary and so is Cody, Ian is gone.

Next in is the Ace of the Universe, Hiroshi Tanahashi, with his new theme this time and pyro too. Next are the Addiction.

CHAOS (Will Ospreay, Gedo & Hirooki Goto) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi and the Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian)

Kazarian and Ospreay start the match, as the crowd chants for Tanahashi. Collar and elbow tie up, Kazarian with a waistlock, Ospreay answers with the same only for Kazarian to do it again.

Waistlock takedown from Kazarian, front facelock applied, arm wrench by Ospreay, Kazarian uses the ropes to flip back in and reverses into an arm wrench of his own which Ospreay gets out of as we go to commercial.

We’re back, Christopher Daniels sends Gedo to the outside, Forearm to Ospreay, leaps to the apron, go for a hurricanrana to the outside, Ospreay uses force to remain in position and Gedo connects with the superkick.

Ospreay forearms Kazarian and Tanahashi while Goto throws Daniels into the barricade. The assault on the outside continues. Goto sends him back into the ring where Gedo’s waiting.

Gedo with an eye rake, sends Daniels into Ospreay’s boot in the corner and then makes the tag. Ospreay does some quick work with a forearm, a body slam and a topé atomico. Cover and a two count.

Tag made to Goto, who kicks Daniels, a forehand chop in the corner and then in the opposite one. A spinning kick in the corner followed by a back drop attempt, Daniels counters, Mongolian chop, smashes Goto’s head in the second turnbuckle.

Tag made to Tanahashi, forearms to every CHAOS guy, a diving cross chop to Goto, Scoop slams to Gedo and Ospreay, double elbow drop to both. Dragon screw to Goto.

Scoop slam to Goto followed by a flipping Senton from the second rope. Cover! A two count. Tanahashi charges at Goto, who ducks, runs right behind Tanahashi and strikes with a lariat.

Hot tag to Ospreay! Strikes from the apron followed by the springboard forearm and a standing shooting star press. Cover! ONE! TWO! The Addiction break it up and lay out the other 2 CHAOS guys. They make Ospreay run, the plan backfires via a handspring double Pele kick.

Pump kick to Tanahashi, Kazarian with the backstabber to Tanahashi, side shuffle kick from Gedo to Kazarian, Daniels with a STO to Gedo, Ushigoroshi, swinging neckbreaker from Tanahashi, springboard from Ospreay, Tanahashi sidesteps, Tiger feint kick from Ospreay, Sling Blade from Tanahashi! All men are down as we go to commercial.

We’re back, slingshot plancha from Tanahashi to Goto on the outside. Ospreay runs to the top rope, shooting star press! Daniels is ready for a dive but is caught by Gedo who’s right behind him.

Gedo with a jawbreaker, runs right into a Blue Thunder Driver! Daniels goes for Angel’s Wings, but gets hit with a handspring roundhouse kick by Ospreay followed by a headbutt from Goto.

Gedo with a quick cover but Kazarian makes the save. Ospreay goes for the OsCutter but accidentally makes Goto his victim. Kazarian with a springboard tornado DDT to Ospreay. Gedo with jabs for Daniels and Kazarian, thrust kick by Daniels caught, Stunner by Kazarian, Bedrock Slam from Daniels and the High Fly Flow from Tanahashi! Daniels with the Best Moonsault Ever! Cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Hiroshi Tanahashi and the Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) def. CHAOS (Will Ospreay, Gedo & Hirooki Goto)

Review: A solid tag match, but Tanahashi wasn’t used much.

The three are celebrating, Daniels spits at Cody who’s on the announce table, Adam Page from behind with a belt, whips Kazarian, Daniels goes for Page, Cody from behind with a lariat. The assault continues with stomps. Cody hits Daniels with the Angel’s Wings and poses with the ROH World Championship title belt.

All Best in the World matches are hyped and we go off air.

Show Rating: B+

Looks like they’re back on track after a weak episode last week.