Ring of Honor Wrestling Ep. 302 Recap & Review: Kenny’s Corner!

We’re back at the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, IL for another episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling with Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary.

The show opens to a close up shot of the ROH World Championship. Cody is in the ring and has a microphone.

Cody says we have a lot to talk about. The lights go out! It’s Christopher Daniels! A series of punches sends Cody to the outside. Daniels follows him, Cody with a Gut Kick but Daniels sends him into the barricade and then over a table.

Throws him again into the barricade, sends him into the ring, swinging Neckbreaker through the ropes from Cody as Daniels is entering the ring.

Cody has the Championship, looks to knock Daniels out with it, Daniels ducks, STO to Cody! Mounted Punches and Todd Sinclair is here to break it up. Daniels throws him into the corner and Cody now has the upper hand, another referee in, Cody sends him into a corner.

Cody sets up a Suplex, countered, Lariat from Daniels! Daniels picks Cody up, Jawbreaker from Cody! Series of strikes in the corner to Daniels. Security’s here to break it up.

Both men go after the two security personnel, Cody uses his brother Goldust’s Throat Thrust to send one to the outside and Daniels with the Angel’s Wings to the other.

Both go after each other again, forearms from both, Knee to Daniels, back elbow to Cody, Manhattan Drop to Daniels followed by a Disaster kick!

Cody picks him up, Cross Rhodes! Daniels reverses into a Snapmare, a Cactus Clothesline sends both men down to the outside! Springboard Split Legged Moonsault from Daniels from the apron!

Daniels gets the Championship and calls Cody to the inside. We have more security and referees to separate the two. Security escorts Cody to the ramp and he leaves.

Review: This is where we say LIT! Seriously, ROH? One bad episode followed by a good one is kind of the general trend for ROH TV now. A very good segment, but Cody should’ve had more lines.

Up next: Josh Woods vs. Jay Briscoe

We’re backstage with Jay Briscoe who hypes his match with Woods, asking Woods “Are your balls really that big or you just plain stupid?”

Cabana and Riccaboni hype the main event and the next match.

Josh Woods is here for his match. Out now is Jay Briscoe.

Josh Woods vs. Jay Briscoe

Pre match handshake offered by Woods. Both circle around the ring, Collar and elbow tie up, Jay backed into the corner. Both go again, this time Woods in the corner.

Waist lock from Woods, reversed into a front facelock, single leg takedown sends Jay down. Headlock from Jay, Irish whip attempted countered, Judo hip toss from Woods, goes for the armbar, Jay gets his foot on the ropes to force the break.

Jay with a big boot, Woods ducks, Takedown, waist lock, back elbow sets Jay free. A Muy Thai knee, Shin kick, Knee strike from Woods.

Corner to corner Irish whip, Judo hip toss, Jay is down. Frankensteiner to a running Woods, a boot to the temple sends Woods to the outside.

Briscoe is fired up, Topé Suicida! We go to commercials.

We’re back and Jay still has control, Woods tries to fight back with a gut kick, European uppercut from Jay followed by a Headbutt. Jay sets Woods up on the second rope, forearm by Jay.

Both men up, Woods fights back, sends Jay down, boot to Jay’s face, Woods comes down, headbutt from Jay.

Jay sends Woods to the outside, throws him into the barricade, picks him up and throws him again. Suplex on the outside from Jay!

Jay sends woods to the inside, Suplex attempt blocked, Jay with some strikes, goes for it again, countered, Catch Suplex from Woods!

Jay goes for a Neckbreaker, countered, Waist lock, Waist lock takedown followed by a German Suplex. Jay in the corner, running forearm from Woods, Fireman’s carry, Jay grabs the ropes, escapes to the apron, Hotshot sends Woods down to the mat.

Jay on top, Running knee to Jay, Fireman’s carry again, knee strike! Cover! One! Two! Jay with a rope break!

Jay escapes to the outside, Woods follows him, Jay sends Woods into the ring post. Jay sends him in, Drive-By Kick! Cover! One! Two! Kickout!

Jay is shoving Woods, Woods answers with a hard shot to the gut, Springboard Shin Kick from the Bottom Rope! Cover! One! Two! No!

Woods in the corner, runs into Jay’s boot, Discus forearm from Jay, Headbutt, running Lariat! Cover! One! Two! Three!

Jay Briscoe def. Josh Woods via Pinfall (Running Lariat)

Review: Good match, as this wasn’t the opener, felt like a good, solid midcard match. The story told was Woods being naïve and Jay outsmarting him with his experience.

We’re shown a recap of Will Ferrara turning on Cheeseburger. Ferrara is backstage and says Cheeseburger was holding him down, but not anymore.

The Tempura Boyz are here for their match. Their opponents are Coast to Coast.

Tempura Boyz (Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu) vs. Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali)

Tale of the tape, we’re back, referee about to call for the bell, wait, it’s the Young Bucks, they’re here!

Matt Jackson has a microphone, he says Chicago can’t have a Ring of Honor show without the Young Bucks, Nick Jackson says they’ve been doing open challenges lately, and this looks like a challenge to him.

The Young Bucks want a Three Way Tag match, better, a Texas Tornado Three Way Tag match, even better, a Texas Tornado Three Way Tag match for the ROH Tag Team Championships!

Tempura Boyz (Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu) vs. Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (Texas Tornado Three Way Tag Match) (ROH Tag Team Championships)

The bell rings, the Bucks enter the ring and each takes down a team. A Dropkick / Crossbody combo from the top by Nick to the Tempura Boyz. Coast to Coast next, double chop to Leon, Matt picks him up, Wheelbarrow hold, Spin kick from Nick, leg sweep takedown to Ali, Wheelbarrow Cutter on Ali to Leon!

Assisted Dropkick to Sho from the two, Tempura Boyz on the outside, The Young Bucks go for stereo Terminator dives, The Tempura Boyz catch their legs and pull them to the outside.

In ring now, stereo Irish Whips to Coast to Coast, both counter, Sho is thrown to the outside, Yohei goes for a lariat, Ali evades, Pump kick by Leon, Jumping Flatliner from Ali! Leon fakes a Plancha but comes up behind him to lay the Tempura Boyz down with a Suicide Dive!

Leon on the top, Ali holding The Bucks in position, PHOENIX SPLASH FROM THE TOP! Coast to Coast in control as we go to commercials.

We’re back in the ring, Ali and Yohei are struggling to maintain control, Waist lock from Yohei, reversed by one of his own by Ali, reversed into another by Yohei, Ali goes for the ropes, Nick Jackson, SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB / GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO!

Knees to both Yohei and Sho in opposite corners, goes for a bulldog on Yohei, Sho tries to attack, Nick evades, Assisted Flatliner from Sho & Yohei to Nick.

Matt on the apron, forearm to Yohei, shoulder thrust to Sho, slides under him, throws him to the outside, Yohei with a toe kick. Irish whip attempt blocked by Matt, Unable to Block the third attempt, DROPKICK THROUGH THE ROPES TO SHO!

Assisted Sliced Bread by Nick, Matt with a Penalty kick, Cover! One! Two! NO! Nick on the apron, Turnbuckle Powerbomb / High Kick combo from the Bucks to Yohei. NICK WITH A SPRINGBOARD ROPE JUMP SENTON TO THE OUTSIDE!

Nick on the apron, Meltzer driver coming up, Yohei reverses, sends Matt into Nick, runs right into a hard forearm from Matt but lays him out with a running Lariat.

Leon from behind, Springboard Crossbody, Slingblade from Sho to Leon! Ali catches Sho, Swinging Bedrock Slam! Young Bucks from behind, Stereo Superkicks to Ali!

Leon’s turn, catches Matt’s leg, hits Nick with it, sends Matt to the outside. Picks Yohei up, Sho from the top, Ali catches him, both in Tombstone piledriver position, Young Bucks from behind, Stereo Superkicks, Assisted Indytaker! Stereo Superkicks! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Young Bucks def. Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali) & Tempura Boyz (Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu) via Pinfall (Stereo Superkicks to Coast to Coast)

Review: Young Bucks! They always deliver when it comes to TV matches.

We’re shown a preview of Adam Cole vs. Marty Scurll available on rohwrestling.com

Mark Briscoe is out, it’s main event time. The other three are already in the ring.

Beer City Bruiser vs. Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin vs. Mark Briscoe (Four Corner Survival Match) (ROH TV Championship #1 Contender match)

Sabin offers a handshake to everyone, Kenny and Mark accept.

Mark and Kenny start the match, collar and elbow tie up, headlock from Kenny, Mark sends him running, Shoulder tackle from Kenny. Kenny runs into a couple of forearms from Mark.

Now Mark running, Leapfrog, misses a chop, a series of failed attempts, headlock takedown, scissors from Kenny, Mark gets out, headlock from Kenny, Mark sends him to the ropes, Kenny stops running with the help of the ropes.

Beer City Bruiser lays out Kenny from behind, and Sabin with arm drags inside the ring to Mark. Bruiser with a double lariat, sending both Mark and Sabin down. Spin kicks from Sabin to Bruiser, another in the corner.

Sabin on the second rope, Crossbody, Bruiser catches him, Side Powerslam! Elbow drop from Bruiser, Kenny tags himself in, Springboard Leg drop from the bottom rope. Cover! Kickout at two.

Backhand chop, Corner to corner Irish Whip, Sabin goes overhead, Kenny catches him in the Fireman’s carry, Kneeling GTS, Bridging Choke, Bruiser breaks it up.

Kenny and Bruiser shove each other, Mark from behind, goes all over both with chops, Corner to Corner Irish Whip reversed by Kenny, Dropkick to Bruiser! Kenny from behind, running back elbow in the corner!

Corner to corner Irish Whip, countered with a forearm from Mark, Sabin with a running lariat to Mark, runs into Mark’s boot in the corner, flips over Sabin, on the top rope, Moonsaults onto Bruiser and Kenny on the outside!

Sabin on the apron, Penalty Kick, Bruiser ducks, Kenny doesn’t. Superkick to Bruiser, dropkick to Mark! Sabin in control as we go to commercials.

We’re back, Sabin on the top rope, Missile Dropkick to Kenny, Helluva kick, Mark from behind, toe kick to Sabin, Irish Whip into the corner, running lariat, Bruiser runs right into Mark, sending him down.

Bruiser runs into Sabin and Kenny in the corner, Mark with a Sleeper hold, CANNONBALL IN THE CORNER TO SABIN WITH MARK ON HIS BACK! COVER! ONE! TWO! Kenny breaks the pin!

Kenny with Jabs to Bruiser, misses a Monkey Flip, Bruiser with a lariat. Gets Sabin in position, BRUISER ON THE TOP! Mark with a punch, BOTH ON THE TOP! KENNY FROM BEHIND GETS ON THE TOP TOO, SABIN FROM BEHIND! POWERBOMB / DOUBLE SUPERPLEX!

Kenny sends Sabin to the apron and then to the outside with a forearm, Plancha to the outside but Sabin rolls to the inside, Kenny on the Apron, Dropkick to Knee from Sabin sends Kenny to the outside.

Sabin on the apron, running Senton! Mark, Blockbuster to Sabin from the apron! BEER CITY BRUISER WITH A RUNNING SENTON FROM THE APRON! Kenny in the ring, Springboard Corkscrew Crossbody to Sabin and Bruiser!
Kenny sends Sabin in, Fireman’s Carry, countered, Springboard Tornado DDT! Mark from behind, Waist lock, reversed, but hits Sabin with the Fisherman’s Brainbuster! Mark on the top rope,

Kenny hits him with a punch, headbutts from Mark, BRUISER ON TOP ON THE OTHER SIDE! Mark on his side, Elbow Drop from Mark and FROG SPLASH FROM BRUISER TO SABIN!

Both with the pin but soon realize that they won’t win this way. Forearms being traded, Corner to Corner Irish Whip from Bruiser followed by a Throat Thrust! Spinning leg lariat from Kenny to Bruiser.

Kenny has Bruiser in the Fireman’s carry, ROYAL FLUSH! COVER! ONE! TWO! MARK TRIES TO BREAK IT UP! TOO LATE! THREE!

Kenny King def. Beer City Bruiser, Chris Sabin & Mark Briscoe via Pinfall (Royal Flush to Bruiser)

Review: Cool stuff. Bruiser was fun.

Show Rating: A-

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Motor City Machine Guns vs. War Machine, Six-man champs Dalton Castle and The Boys in action