ESPN recently spoke with Shinsuke Nakamura about winning the 2018 Royal Rumble Match, the WWE Universe being behind him, never seeing a Royal Rumble Match before, and the transition from NXT to WWE’s main roster. You can see highlights from the interview below:

On the Royal Rumble match itself and the WWE Universe supporting his win:

“I really felt the people behind me,” he said. “You had (John) Cena, Roman, Randy (Orton), the biggest stars in the WWE and I feel like I’m a new guy, but the WWE Universe really supported me.”

“This was my first time being in a match with these kinds of rules,” Nakamura said. “I’ve never watched a Royal Rumble match. This was my first time. I wanted to enjoy it for the first time being in it.”

On transitioning from NXT to the WWE main roster:

“When I came to NXT, I didn’t need to adjust,” Nakamura said. “NXT fans are hardcore wrestling fans. I just had to wrestle and they reacted but when I got called up to SmackDown it was different. There’s just a difference in the live events. So last year I had to make an adjustment from NXT to SmackDown like others have done from NXT to Raw. It takes time to adjust but today I finally feel like I’m there. I feel at home. It’s hard to choose the words even if I was speaking Japanese. It’s hard to find the words.”