Anthony Bowens is Gay, Bitch!

Twitter, man. Er. Excuse us. X, man.

Nope. Didn’t feel right. We’re just gonna keep calling it Twitter.

Wrestling Twitter is, in a word… dysfunctional. In two words, it’s a dumpster fire. That’s just on a day-to-day basis. But, every once in a while, something happens that turns the usual dumpster fire into an even bigger hot mess. Whether it’s a reporter comparing inaugural AEW Champions to convicted Hollywood rapists, people choosing sides between a Punk and a couple of Bucks, or a group of wrestling media personalities having dinner together, there’s no telling what could set the ‘Internet Wrestling Community’ off these days.

Of course, it doesn’t help when actual wrestling personalities are feeling salty. Such was the case on Tuesday when AEW owner Tony Khan opted to needlessly (but hilariously) stoke the fire and the ire that is Wrestling Twitter by asking “Where is the rage” when it came to WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal getting a World Heavyweight Championship match again Seth Rollins on an upcoming episode of Raw.

Tony was comparing Mahal’s challenge to the fact that AEW wrestler Hook will be challenging AEW Champion Samoa Joe to a title match on an upcoming edition of Dynamite.

This tweet, of course, led to a sh*t storm of Reply Guys doing what they do best which is, well, reply. One of the most notorious Reply Guys also happens to be the former Executive Director and Senior Vice President of World Championship Wrestling, Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff has been extremely critical of AEW for the last few years, ever since Tony Khan stated that if Ted Turner knew as much as Khan did when it came to wrestling, WCW would still be in business. Bischoff took great offense to that and has not hid his feelings about Khan, or AEW, ever since.

Never one to be at a loss for words, Bischoff was surprisingly succinct in his response to Khan’s aforementioned tweet, choosing instead to just post a ‘Clown Emoji.’

Long story short, Khan responded to Bischoff, Bischoff responded to Khan, somehow Jonathan Coachman got involved, and all heck broke loose. Wrestling fans, obviously, lost their minds. AEW proponents defended Tony Khan. AEW critics defended Bischoff. Et al.

In the middle of all this, AEW wrestler (and former Tag Team Champion) Anthony Bowens innocently (or so it seemed) offered his support of Hook who, as of press time, hasn’t said a word. Because he’s probably at a strip club.

Bowens offered a simple ‘Go Hook,’ which, for some reason, enraged internet wrestling trolls and Bowens entered the crossfire of this whole debacle.

‘Jay’ and ‘Mookie’ continued to try and degrade Bowens but he, being actually intelligent, thoughtful, and funny, dismissed their tweets in a variety of humorous responses. The best of which was, objectively, the Tweet of the Night when it comes to this whole IWC Debacle.

Jay, who is either not an AEW fan or who is being deliberately obtuse, tried to “get one over” on Bowens, by stating that “nobody knows [him].” Jay then told Bowens that he should go “scissor [his] wife,” which led to the line of the night from Bowens.

So he is. And in a perfect world, that would conclude ‘Tonight in the IWC.’

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