Indy Star Franco Varga Heading To China For MKW World Title Match Against M.A, Varga Comments On His Opportunity

Indy Star Franco Varga will be heading to China for a Middle Kingdom Wrestling World Title opportunity against current champion Mofi Angus aka M.A on January 27th at MKW Bash at the Bay 3. The huge title match is set for the Nanashan Digital Innovation Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China.

Chinese pro wrestling icon The Slam will have the responsibility of keeping things in order as he has been appointed the special referee for this MKW World Title encounter. reached out to Franco Varga and was able to get these exclusive comments about his upcoming MKW World Title match:

On his MKW World Title Opportunity:

I feel excited and accomplished enough to be immediately selected to face the champion in a country across the world. I know that the MKW fans can expect a showing of raw strength that they’ve never seen before.

Franco Varga

On MKW World Champion M.A:

M.A is a good competitor and a great representative for Chinese wrestling but he’s aligned himself with the shady characters in MKW in order to keep his title reign alive. It ends when I arrive.

Franco Varga

Former WWE and current DDT Pro-Wrestling star Yoshi Tatsu is also scheduled for the event on January 27th as he takes on Big Sam in singles action.

Franco Varga has competed in professional wrestling rings all over the world including Canada, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Australia. On January 27th, he adds China to that growing list of international countries he has wrestled in and he may very well become a world champion in the process.

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