WWE NXT Review: Who attacked Trick Williams?


November 7, 2023 | Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida

The show opened with a highlight package from night two of NXT Halloween Havoc.

NXT Heritage Cup Championship Match: Noam Dar [c] (with Meta Four) vs. Akira Tozawa (with Alpha Academy & Maxxine Dupri) 

The first round began with some mat wrestling. Tozawa caught Dar with a vertical suplex. Tozawa went to climb the ropes but instead got distracted by the Heritage Cup Trophy. Dar caught Tozawa with a Superplex as round one concluded. 

Round two started quickly with Dar going for a knee bar. Tozawa broke free by rolling thought. Tozawa went for a Penalty Kick but Dar ducked catching Tozawa with a rollup. Dar grabbed a handful of tights and got the first point of the match. Dar decked Tozawa with a cheap shot after the round concluded. Dar leads 1-0. 

Round three concluded as we retuned from break. Dar had Tozawa placed a Triangle Hold while delivering a series of cheap shots at the end of the round. 

Round four began with Dar applied an ankle lock but Tozawa broke free. Tozawa made a comeback hitting a pair of topes. Tozawa ducked as Dar kicked the ring post. Tozawa applied an ankle lock as Dar tapped out. The score is tied 1-1. 

Round five began with Tozawa rocking Dar with a pair of Yakuza Kicks. Tozawa plants Dar with a Saito Suplex for two. Dar responded catching Tozawa with a spinning elbow for a two count. Tozawa responded catching Dar with a bridging German Suplex for two. Dar went for a knee bar. Tozawa broke free hitting a German Suplex. Tozawa went to climb the ropes. Tozawa called for a Super Senton Splash. The referee was distracted as Lash Legend pulled Dar out of the ring. Dar rocked Tozawa with the Nova Roller for the win.  

WINNER: Noam Dar retained the NXT Heritage Cup
Amin’s Thoughts: I’m really a fan of watching Heritage Cup matches because they are completely different from everything else on the show. The problem is these types of matches don’t usually work on TV. The reason being you miss out on the action because of the commercial breaks. Heritage Cup matches would suit best on NXT PLE shows. The wrestling we got in this match was pretty solid as both Dar and Tozawa worked well together. This has been fun seeing Tozawa wrestle in more matches on WWE TV. Dar winning was perfectly fine. Just didn’t like how Dar won the match. There was just too much interference and distractions which took some enjoyment away from the match. 

Ora Mensah got in Tozawa’s face after the match. Maxxine Durpi slapped Mensah across his face. Chad Gable gave Mensah a German Suplex. Otis delivered a Super Splash to Mensah. Amin’s Thought: Could this possibly be leading to Otis challenging Dar for the NXT Heritage Cup? 

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley announced the first two qualifying matches for the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Ariana Grace, Kelani Jordan and Karmen Petrovic were chatting inside the NXT Women’s locker room. Lola Vice and Electra Lopez appeared. Vice to Grace, James and Petrovic there were all part of history. Jordan told Vice she should credit Lopes for helping her win the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament. Lopez claimed Jordan was jealous of Vice. Roxanne Perez appeared noting winning the tournament lead to Vice being champion. This would later lead to a match between Roxy/James vs. Lopez/Vice on the show. 

Here comes the new NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria who received a great reaction from the crowd. Huge chants of Lyra from the crowd. Valkyria was excited to be NXT Women’s Champion. Valkyria spoke about Becky Lynch being a true legend. Valkryia spoke about beating her hero for the NXT Women’s Title. Valkyria spoke about showing everyone what an NXT Women’s main event is all about. Valkryia spoke about the NXT Women’s Division was feeling hungry. 

Xia Li was shown in the crowd being held back by security. Valkyria told the security to let Li enter the ring. Li asked Valkryia if she saw what happened to Lynch on Raw? Valkyria noted that happened because Lynch told Li to go win a title. Li responded rocking a security guard with a spin kick. Valkyria held up the NXT Women’s Title.

Amin’s Thoughts: Valkryia seemed really excited in the moment to be NXT Champion as she was cutting her promo over the crowd’s chant. I really how they played off Li’s attack on Lynch from Raw is leading her to challenge Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Title. Do they have the NXT Women’s Title match on TV or possibly save it for the Deadline PLE special?

Tyler Bate vignette was shown speaking about being laser focused for his Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match. Bate spoke about needing to win because he’s tried on living on his resume for his past work. 

The Alpha Academy were backstage. Chad Gable gave Tozawa a pep talk noted he didn’t have two easy matches with Shinsuke Nakamura from Raw and Dar on NXT. Tozawa noted he wanted to unlock his potential now. Maxxine Dupri noted Alpha Academy will return to NXT as guest on the Supernova Sessions. Drew Gulak appeared with Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp and Myles Bourne. A goofy comedy interaction between both sides would lead to Gulak and Otis having a match later on the show. You could the crowd in the background loudly chanting Otis name. 

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs gave Fallon Henley a pep talk before her Women’s Iron Survivor Qualifying match. 

NXT referee was shown leaving Shawn Michaels office. Someone off-camera asked Sharma what happed. Sharma noted Michales told him to use his discretion in the match between Bron Breakker and Von Wagner. You could see Ava in the background walking into Michaels office. 

Women’s Iron Survivor Qualifying Match: Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley 

Henley and Stratton began yanking each other by the hair to the mat. Henley applied a Half Crab but Stratton grabbed the ropes. Stratton responded decking Henley with a right hand. Henley stopped Stratton from climbing the ropes. Henley connected with a Superplex for a two count. Henley applied a Half Crab but Stratton grabbed the ropes. Henley rocked Stratton with a sliding punch. Henley and Stratton exchanged strikes as we retuned from break. 

Henley rocked Stratton with a side kick for a two count. Stratton caught Henley with a flying crossbody coming off the ropes. Stratton showed her power as she launched Henley through the ropes onto the floor. Stratton worked over Henley’s knee against the ring post. Henley responded kicking Stratton into the ring post. Stratton caught Henley with a Spinebuster for a two count. Tiffany went for a bridging knee bar but Henley broke free. 

Henley made a comeback planting Henley with a reverse Slingblade for two. Stratton responded catching Henley with a rolling senton. Stratton went for the Prettiest Moonsault Ever but Henley moved. Henley applied a reverse rollup for a near fall. Stratton sent Henley crashing into the turnbuckle. Stratton caught Henley with a chop block. Stratton delivered the Prettiest Moonsault Ever for the win.  

WINNER: Tiffany Stratton
Amin’s Thoughts: A solid match. The wrestling was good as both Henley and Stratton worked well together. The finish was good with Stratton going back to Henley’s injured leg to get the win. Stratton has be one of the early favourites to win the Iron Survivor Challenge and eventually face Valkyria who’s the babyface champion. 

McKenzie Mitchell and Wes Lee were dancing backstage. McKenzie welcomed Lee back to NXT. Lee told McKenzie he didn’t want to leave NXT with his head hanging low. Lee showed a list of things he wanted to do on NXT. Lee noted he wanted to start by defeating Dominik Mysterio for the NXT North American Title. Baron Corbin walked up and noted Lee finally showed up. Corbin claimed nobody cares that Lee is back. Lee wondered if Corbin was looking for some relevancy? Corbin mocked Lee for quitting and coming back. Lee noted Ilja Dragunov will beat Corbin. Lee thought it would be better if he beat Corbin instead. Corbin scoffed at the notion. Corbin claimed both Dragunov and Lee would both fail. Lee noted he had something else he wanted to add to his list. 

Kelly Kincaid caught up with Bron Breakker before his match. Breakker spoke about Shawn Micheals telling the referee to use his discretion for the match. Breakker claimed Von Vagner will have the shortest comeback in WWE history. Breakker noted he will desecrate Vagner. 

Dijak vignette aired questioning why Mick Foley would put Bate in a match he can’t win. Dijak explained why he would thrive in the Iron Survivor Challenge noting he has the grit and endurance. Dijak made fun of Bate calling him “twinkletoes”. 

Bron Breakker vs. Von Vagner (with Mr. Stone) 

Vagner started quickly rocking Breakker with strikes. Vagner connected with a flying clothesline. Vagner seemed dazed. Mr. Stone told the referee to check on Vagner. This led to Breakker rocking Vagner with a running knee strike. Breakker mounted Vagner with grounded strikes. Breakker sent Vagner flying with a German Suplex. Breakker called for the Steiner Recliner but Vagner broke free. Breakker rocked Vagner with a running strike. Vagner no-sold it. 

Vagner made a comeback hitting a Butterfly Suplex. Vagner placed Breakker on his shoulders. Breakker escaped. Breakker went for a spear but Vagner caught him with a knee strike for a two count. Vagner cleared the announcers table. Vagner went for a Powerbomb but Breakker escaped. Breakker sent Vagner into the ring steps. 

Mr. Stone grabbed a chair which distracted the referee. Breakker gave Vagner a low blow. Breakker stopped Mr. Stone from using the chair. Breakker pressed Mr. Stone over his head. Vagner stopped Breakker from attacking Mr. Stone. Breakker rocked Vagner with a spear on the floor. Breakker delivered a second huge spear for the win. 

WINNER: Bron Breakker 
Amin’s Thoughts: The action was great as both Breakker and Vagner worked a grudge match. Vagner looked good showing great babyface fire. Breakker is such a natural at playing heel and the intensity he shows in matches is just off the charts. Breakker is the bigger WWE project for the present and long-term and him winning was perfectly fine. 

Mr. Stone attacked Breakker with a chair after the match. Breakker went after Mr. Stone. Vagner stood behind Breakker. The crowd cheered as Vagner delivered a Powerbomb sending Breakker crashing through the announcers table. Mr. Stone was fired up. The crowd cheered as Mr. Stone and Vagner shook hands. Amin’s Thoughts: Vagner is positioned in a very interesting spot. He can take loses in matches. Vagner can still get over by putting people through tables. This ended up being a win/win for both Breakker and Vagner. 

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Carmelo Hayes backstage. McKenzie asked Hayes about his reactions when Trick Williams returned last week. Hayes explained he was shocked because Williams returned so soon after his injury. Hayes once again denied not attacking Williams. Hayes noted he will explain everything when he meets Williams inside the ring. 

Brawling Brutes vignette speaking about hearing Out The Mud story. Butch spoke about growing up on the street but in different pavements. Ridge Holland spoke about decades running through people. They showed clips of Holland playing Rugby. They showed clips of Butch when he was a young wrestler. Brawling Brutes told OTM they will see them next week. 

Ariana Grace came out before the match. Grace came out as Miss NXT. Grace noted she’s looking forward to watching the four women showcase their talents. Someone gave Grace a chair as she watched from the entrance. 

Roxanne Perez & Kelani Jordan vs. Lola Vice & Electra Lopez

Lopez took control early sending Roxy flying with a fallaway slam. Vice nailed Roxy with a cheap shot for a near fall. Roxy responded rocking Vice with palm strikes. Jordan nailed Vice with a dropkick for a near fall. Vice quickly took back control working over Jordan in her corner. Vice rocked Jordan with a running hip attack. Jordan responded catching Vice with a running crossbody for a near fall. Roxy tagged in and took down Vice. Lopez took down Roxy. Lopez and Vice caught Roxy with a Hight/Low combo for two. 

Roxy responded catching Vice with a leg sweep. Jordan ran wild rocking Vice with a Handspring Elbow. Jordan delivered the Playmaker to Vice but Lopez made the save. The action broke down as Roxy dropkicked Lopez into Vice. Roxy hit Pop Rocks onto Lopez. Roxy delivered a tope to Vice on the floor. Jordan went for a Split-Legged Moonsault but missed her timing. Jordan delivered a Springboard Split-Legged Moonsault for the win.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez & Kelani Jordan 
Amin’s Thoughts: The great part about watching NXT is seeing new talent get a chance to shine. The one problem is new talent are still learning so there will be missed spots in matches. The timing on the missed finish is something you don’t want to see. Jordan has a very bright future and will continue to get better with more matches. The overall match itself was fine as everyone worked hard. Nice to see James bounce back and get the win for her team. Lopez was the right person to take the win. You don’t want to see Vice taking pins right after winning the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament. 

Ariana Grace cut off Alica Taylor from announcing the winners of the match. Grace called the fans the winner. Karmen Petrovic appeared decking Grace with a right hand. Petrovic told Grace to shut up. 

Joe Gacy vignette spoke about hearing voices. Gacy spoke about people calling him a maniac. Gacy spoke about living in his own personal hell and wasn’t sure what to do. Gacy said maybe he does know what to do. 

Ilja Dragunov spoke about using every inch of energy to defeat Carmelo Hayes to keep his NXT Title. Dragunov spoke about Baron Corbin attacking him when he turned the corner. Dragunov spoke about Corbin taking an opportunity he saw. Dragunov spoke about him and Corbin meeting before. Dragunov noted it’s different now with the NXT Title over his shoulder.  

Baron Corbin was backstage watching the vignette. Edris Enofe, Malik Blade and Hank & Tank approached Corbin. They were speaking about Dragunov’s vignette. Corbin laughed and left. 

Otis (with Alpha Academy) vs. Drew Gulak (with Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp & Myles Bourne) 

Otis received a great reaction from the crowd. Otis took control early rocking Gulak with a running shoulder tackle. Gulak moved as Otis charged into the ring post. Gulak took the lead hitting a flying clothesline for a two count. Gulak applied a Triange Hold but Otis broke free. Otis battled back planting Gulak with a backdrop suplex. Otis sent Gulak flying with a pounce. Huge chants of Otis from the crowd. The crowd went wild as Otis delivered the Caterpillar. Otis planted Gulak with a huge Popup Powerbomb for the win. 

Amin’s Thoughts: A fun match. Gulak was perfect for this match as he got some shine and also made Otis look great A nice showcase for Otis who looked great in the win and the crowd reacted to him like he was a big deal on NXT. 

Kiana James congratulated Tiffany Stratton for winning her match. They both agreed Roxanne Perez can’t win the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge. Stratton spoke about the NXT having the hottest Women’s division in all of WWE because of them. They claimed the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge would come down the two of them. They both suggested that themselves would win. James left. Stratton noted she didn’t mind James. You could see Boa and Dante Chen speaking to each other in the background. 

Jacy Jayne was at Chase U. Someone people appeared and gave Jayne a letter for Andre Chase. Jayne opened the letter and had a quick peek. That’s right when Chase appeared. Chase told Jayne to not get involved. Duke Hudson and Thea Hail appeared. Hail asked Jayne what she and Chase were talking about? Jayne claimed she was talking to Chase who the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title match ended last week. Jayne announced Chase and Hudson will defend the NXT Tag Team Titles against Tony D’Angelo and Stacks next week. Hudson had a confused look. Chase noted it slipped his mind before telling Hudson. Chase told the class it was dismissed. They all left. Chase had a concerned as he took a look at what’s inside the envelope. 

Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match: Tyler Bate vs. Dijak 

Bate received a great reaction from the crowd. Bate shined early rocking Dijak with a flying European Uppercut for a near fall. Bate used Dijak momentum catching him with an enzuigiri. Dijak connected with a plancha to Dijak on the floor. Dijak caught Bate going for a charge and swung him over the barricade. We returned from break with Bate planting Dijak with a Delayed Stalling Superplex. The intensity picked up as Bate and Dijak exchanged strikes. 

Dijak caught Bate with High Justice for a two count. Drake went for a Cyclone Boot. The crowd cheered as Bate caught Dijak with an Airplane Spin/Slam combo for a two count. Bate rocked Dijak with a spinning back fist. Dijak responded with a Superkick. Bate avoided a Cyclone Boot as he rocked Dijak with a Rebound Lariat for a two count. Dijak responded launching Bate with a huge overhead suplex. 

Dijak went to climb the ropes but Bate stoped him. Bate went fora Super German Siplex but Dijak landed on his feet. Dijak rocked Bate with a cyclone boot for a two count. The crowd chanted this is awesome. Dijak called for Feast Your Eyes but Bate blocked. Bate called for the Tyler Driver 97′ but Dijak blocked. Dijak caught Bate leaping off the ropes with Feast Your Eyes for the win. 

Amin’s Thoughts: This match was great. There were some portions where they worked the size difference between both men. The best part was seeing Bate and Dijak instead work a really fun action packed match which had some great near falls leading to the finish. This match featured two great wrestlers in Bate and Dijak. So they couldn’t go wrong with whoever won the match. Seeing Dijak win was nice to see. 

Trick Williams was shown arriving to the arena. 

They aired a highlight package announcing WWE Hall of Famers Jerry “The King” Lawler, JBL and Lita will announce the qualifying matches for the Iron Survivor Challenge. Lita will announce the participants for next week. 

Carmelo Hayes was standing inside the ring. Hayes said his friendship with Trick was bigger than the NXT Champion. The crowd cheered as Trick Williams came out to a big reaction. Huge chants of Whoop That Trick. Hayes understood why Williams was upset. Hayes spoke about Williams being attacked and the shot at the NXT Title was taken away from him. Hayes told Williams that roadblocks are part of the journey. Hayes noted he needed someone by his journey and picked Williams. Hayes spoke about sharing his championship glory with Williams. Hayes claimed without Williams there would be no Melo. 

Williams noted he’s having a hard time figuring everything out. Williams noted for the past two year he put Trick-Melo game first. Williams spoke about being happy when Hayes won a championship. Williams noted he did everything so that when Melo shoots he didn’t miss. Hayes noted it worked because he didn’t miss. Hayes compared them to Shaq/Kobe and Jordan/Pippen. Williams flipped it around noting it’s easy for Hayes to speak like that because he was shooting the ball. Williams wondered what happens now because he has the ball. Williams wondered why Hayes can’t be there the same way. Williams was about to ask Hayes if he attacked him? 

Hayes stopped Williams. Hayes said he believed in him. Hayes noted he was always there for him before he became the hottest NXT star. Hayes knew Williams was destined for greatness, even when the NFL didn’t work out him. That’s an interesting way playing babyface throwing that line in. Hayes told Williams he told him everything before John Cena told him. Hayes told Williams he knew he would be a once in a lifetime performer. Hayes asked Williams if that answered his question? 

Williams noted he wanted to do his own thing. Williams noted he always had his back. Williams noted he didn’t know who attacked him. Williams wondered why Hayes wasn’t there. Hayes asked Williams he didn’t know who attacked him? Williams noted he only heard Hayes voice after he was attacked. Williams noted his chance at the NXT Title is gone. Hayes asked Williams again who didn’t see who attacked him? William was upset because Hayes focus was on something else. Williams asked Hayes if he attacked him? 

Lexis King came out. King spoke about the friend being attacked. King spoke about his best friend being there when Williams was attacked. Hayes and Williams told King to mind his business. King wanted them to get to the bottom of this. King wondered if could’ve been someone new who could’ve attacked Williams? King asked Williams if Hayes really attacked him? King told Williams to tell everyone something. Williams heard enough. King moved as Williams accidentally decked Hayes. King left the ring. Williams offered to help Hayes up. Hayes swatted Williams hand away. Williams offered his hand again. Hayes this time grabbed Williams hand. They shared a hug. Hayes looked into the camera with a really angry look. The show ended. 

Amin’s Thoughts: This was tremendous storytelling. Carmelo Hayes was awesome here playing babyface but subtle heel at the same time. Hayes brought up always believing in Williams together as a team. Williams was great turning the tables wondering why can’t take lead this time around. They are leaning heavy leading you think Hayes was the one who attacked Williams. Things took an interesting twist with Lexis King being involved. They clearly see big stuff with Lexis King placing him right into NXT biggest program. King also hinted that he also attacked Williams. The closing shot with Hayes looking into the camera was great stuff. They are slowly teasing the Hayes heel turn is coming and that he was the actually one who attacked Williams. This was an awesome way to end the show.

Overall Thoughts: This was a cooldown episode of NXT coming off the previous two Halloween Havoc specials. That’s perfectly fine because you can’t run TV PLE specials every week. This was still an enjoyable episode of NXT. Bate and Dijak had the best match on the show. The rest of the matches were fine and what they needed to be. The good part about the show is they have a direction in mind for the Deadline PLE show. Dragunov/Corbin and Mysterio/Lee will likely be the two men’s title matches for the show. They also started setting the field for the participants in both the Men’s and Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge. They are still finding way to add more interest into the Williams attacker by adding Lexis King into the mix. The show ended on another great cliffhanger making the audience wanting to tune in and see what happens next. Overall, a fine episode of NXT as the build to Deadline PLE special is looking very strong.