Scott D’Amore Talks Will Ospreay And CM Punk: We Remain Open To Any Possibilities

CM Punk reportedly popped up backstage at the IMPACT Bound For Glory Fallout TV tapings last Sunday (10/22). Bodyslam’s coverage of that can be found here.

Some people were hoping that Punk would show up at Bound For Glory, however, the reported word that came out of the Punk camp was ”hockey over wrestling”, as the hometown Chicago Blackhawks had their home opener on Saturday Night.

Will Ospreay praised the IMPACT Wrestling locker room, and even said that he wants to step foot in a “TNA ring” before February (which is when he officially becomes a free agent). Will mentioned before Bound For Glory that IMPACT Wrestling is in the running to be his next home. Regarding his free agency, Scott D’Amore commented that he’s “had conversations with Anthem Sports, and they’re very aware of who Will Ospreay is.”

Will Ospreay also faced Eddie Edwards as part of the UK Invasion Tour this past Friday, October 27th, and that match will air this Friday, November 3rd, as part of the company Turning Point event.

Appearing on What Do You Call It?, Scott D’Amore was asked about Punk’s visit. 

“He was there the next day, at our TV, which is not unheard of. He was in Chicago at an event of ours earlier this year. We have a pretty open door policy. If you want to come by and visit at TNA Wrestling, you’re more than welcome. There is one simple rule. Don’t be an A-hole. Be respectful and you’ll be respected. Punk, when he showed up earlier this year, was a pleasure to have in the locker room. When he asked if he could come the day after Bound For Glory, come by the TV and say hello and watch some of the show, we said, ‘Of course.’ He came back and again was a pleasure to have. He chatted with some of the talent. I got to sit back and watch him and Josh Alexander have a nice long chat. What a great opportunity to have somebody like CM Punk in there. Even if it’s just a conversation and it’s not all about wrestling, there is no way you don’t learn something out of a conversation like that. He is welcome at events of ours. 

“You asked me if I would like Will Opsreay to be the face of the brand, sure. Would we be open to having CM Punk join IMPACT Wrestling? Of course. Why wouldn’t we? You look at the business he drove for WWE and you look at what he did in AEW, he lifted AEW and ticket sales went up, viewers went up, pay-per-view buys went up. If it’s the right fit and it works for him and for us, business wise, and if it’s a good fit relationship-wise, the one thing that is unwavering is, you come into our locker room, it has to be somebody who is going to come in, fit in, be respectful. Punk has been that anytime he has come around us. We don’t judge based off what you hear, we judge based on what you do around us, and he’s been nothing but a pleasure to be around. Is it a possibility? Never write it off as being something to happen. I get a kick out of all the stories I read. ‘Oh, we made an offer? We did this?’ Somebody should tell me some of this stuff. We remain open to any possibilities, whether it’s joint venturing, doing collaborations with other companies, talent coming in, whatever it is. If it’s good for business and it makes sense and the fans are into it, we’re open.”

H/T Jeremy Lambert from Fightful.

Will Ospreay wrestled Mike Bailey at the Bound For Glory PPV. He recently talked about having anxiety before big matches.

On August 27th at AEW All In, Punk was involved in yet another backstage altercation. However, this one would be different than those in the past in various ways. Namely, Punk not only fought with Jack Perry, he also reportedly lunged at AEW president Tony Khan while furiously quitting the company. 

Punk and Perry were both suspended following this altercation, and then Punk was subsequently terminated, with cause, despite Punk’s drawing power. 

Later, CM Punk was fired from All Elite Wrestling as a result of the incident.

While a non-compete clause is not clear, IMPACT Wrestling could be a potential landing spot for CM Punk, and there is a belief he could walk into the IMPACT with open arms tomorrow if everything worked out.

Josh Alexander & The Rascalz recently said they would welcome Punk into IMPACT Wrestling.

Current IMPACT Wrestling talent Bully Ray also spoke on the idea recently

IMPACT Wrestling is reportedly ”still an option” for CM Punk.

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