Kevin Sullivan on How He’d Book Sting at Revolution 2024

When thinking about how the Icon Sting would end his career, most would think he should ride off into the sunset, one last victory to cement his legacy as an all-time great.

Kevin Sullivan, former WCW booker (for obvious reasons, as the promotion is defunct), took to his Taskmaster podcast to explore how he’d navigate the end of the Stinger’s long and storied career.

“This is going to sound silly to a lot of wrestling fans. Did Ali win his last fight? Did he win his last two fights? If you want to start sucking people back to the other side, you can lose on the decision. I think in his last seven fights, he never got a knockout and it didn’t hurt him because people still remember him being Ali. Actually, it made him bigger than he was, because he came out of the dressing room, Parkinson’s, with a lot of health issues, but he gave it the ‘All-American’ try. ‘God bless him. It really doesn’t matter [who wrestles Sting]. Whoever goes over, whether it’s Darby winning or somebody else, it’s going to raise the other guy’s popularity. Then when they go to embrace [Sting], there won’t be a dry eye in the house.”

Kevin Sullivan

Sullivan, despite not being as entrenched in the wrestling industry as he was before, still offers his thoughts on various promotions, including AEW.

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