Declan McMahon Can’t Think of Anyone Smarter Than His Dad

While playing college football in the state of Indiana, Declan McMahon has had the wrestling world updated on his life being a McMahon. From grandfather Vince’s history to father Shane’s ventures both in and out of the ring, Declan’s family life is rather busy.

During an interview for the Developmentally Speaking podcast, Declan provided the following:

“I really don’t know. I’ve got a lot of time to think about that. I’m working in the Kelley School of Business. I’m working on getting my degree in business management. I would love to shadow my grandfather, my dad, and my uncle, and just see how the business is run when I have the time to be able to fully commit to it. I would love to run other businesses and things like that that I’m interested in, but I’m really one of those guys that kind of goes where the wind takes you, and like I said, I’ve got a lot of times to think about it, but whenever the opportunity presents itself, I’ll capitalize on it to my fullest ability.”

-Declan McMahon
(on thinking about life after football)

The conversation then shifted about learning and growing from uncle-in-law Paul Levesque, grandfather Vince, and father Shane. When asked about this, Declan answered:

“I’ve truly been blessed with the family that I’m in. My grandfather is one of the most renowned businessmen in American history. Taking a company that pretty much declared bankruptcy and went out of business, and buying it back, and having that vision, playing to the market has been incredible.”

I can’t think of anybody smarter than my dad. My dad originally wanted to buy the UFC when it was very low and a lot of people turned it down, my grandfather included. They turned it down because it was a different market and it wasn’t really a big thing back then, but my dad saw the vision and my dad sees his visions all the time. My dad wanted to invest in Disney and in a bunch of other companies. He truly sees the market in a way that I’ve never seen anybody else do. He’s so smart and I feel like people don’t always give him the credit for it that he deserves because a lot of the things that he does, obviously are behind the scenes, right? You know, you don’t always see the work that goes in and the time that he puts in, but fans are so quick to jump on his last match or his quad injury, whatever. Everybody instantly goes to, like, ‘Oh, you should retire’ Rather than appreciating the fact that he’s still doing it and the genius behind it. Being able to learn from my dad and my grandfather would be absolutely incredible, and learning from Paul, you know, he’s just so knowledgeable about the business, about creative. It’d be really great.”

– Declan McMahon

Outside of WWE, Shane McMahon is recovering from his WrestleMania 39 quad tear and dealing with other business ventures.