F1RST Wrestling Sort-Of-Toberfest Results (10/7/2023)

F1RST Wrestling presented their “Sort-Of-Toberfest” event on Saturday October 7th, 2023 from Insight Brewing in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Complete F1RST Wrestling “Sort-Of-Toberfest” (10/7/23) results below:

  • Funky Fox defeated Kyle Pro
  • NDS (Levy Cruise & Rylie Jackson) defeated Honey Hive (Mega Bee & Matt Honey)
  • Jordan defeated Damon Spriggle
  • Shane Black defeated Arik Cannon
  • Free-Range Kara defeated Victor Analog
  • Bill Williams defeated Kal Creed
  • Dak Draper defeated Badger Briggs
  • The Minnesota Wrecking Zoo (Super ThunderFrog & Big O. Possum) defeated LoreBin Cometh (Heavy Metal Lore & Darin Corbin)

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