Mariah May Could Potentially Debut For AEW As Soon As WrestleDream

On August 21st, Fightful Select reported that there was interest from AEW in a “top prospect and potential free agent”, and that person ended up being current Stardom talent Mariah May.

A top prospect has gained the attention of major wrestling companies.

Fightful Select has learned that there has been discussion within All Elite Wrestling about potentially working with Mariah May. The 25-year old UK-born wrestler has been working for about four and a half years, and developed a large following.

Back in 2019, WWE has a WWE UK Performance Center Tryout. The company had reached out to her almost immediately after her wrestling career started. We’ve been told that WWE has kept an eye on her ever since then as well, but that AEW has been the company picking up steam as a potential landing point.

We’ve not been told if May and AEW or WWE have had active conversations or negotiations. She’s currently in Japan, where she’s been working a heavy schedule with Stardom, including a recent singles match with Giulia that many considered the best of Mariah’s run with the company.

There has been speculation over the last week that she may be finishing up in Japan and be signed somewhere after she shut down her Big Cartel store, and posted a tweet saying “I will never forget this time of my life. Thankful” while remembering some of her matches in Japan. The day prior, she and Mina Shirakawa dropped the Goddess of Stardom titles to the Cosmic Angels.

We have not confirmed that May signed with AEW, but there certainly is traction to her going there.

In a potential update to this report, Scott E Wrestling, who covers Stardom and Joshi wrestling for Fightful, Fight Game Media, and Voices of Wrestling appeared on The Mike & JD Show yesterday to provide a bit of a potential update on May’s status.

Scott – “yeah, so she’s hinting at the 30th being her last day. She’s very heavily, like her most recent tweet that I saw was like “this is a very big day for me, and you’ll all know why soon”, and it’s like ‘ok well, we know but we don’t know…I think we are going to see her in October…in AEW…the more..I’ve heard enough from different spots that, they’re all coming together, that’s it’s imminent that she’s going there, and i just can’t get away from the fact that she’s going to be there…and if that’s the case, this is someone you build around.”

For context, here is the aforementioned Tweet that Scott referenced in his appearance.

Scott continues, “I said this, and I said it on my podcast that I recorded earlier”

Mike Gilbert – “Plug it, Throw a plug in there, brother!”

Scott – “5 Star Joshi Show on the Fight Game Media patreon, you can go listen to that… I said this on that specifically on that podcast and I think….I truly think…Wrestle Dream could even be, I truthfully think Wrestle Dream is when we could see her. If she’s able to get onto a plane right after the 5 Star Final, that’s as early as we could see her.”

These are only opinions and not to be taken as anything else.

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