Chris Jericho Sees Glimpses Of The Rock In Ricky Starks

In fact, Ricky Starks’ current feud with Chris Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society has seen him deliver some of his best promos ever that have helped elevate him further.

Starks’ work has been so impressive that even Chris Jericho was all praise for him on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio. Jericho even compared Starks to The Rock.

“When you first stand in the ring with The Rock, you talk about a generational talent, that’s a different level. The thing with Ricky is, I’ve seen glimpses of that, which is great. He’s still harnessing and the idea for this program was to continue to build. He did a great promo in San Antonio when we started that really blew my mind, I thought it was awesome. Then there were some moments that weren’t quite as good just because that’s how it goes. I thought last night [Wednesday] was the best Starks has been in our program so far. Nuances. A lot of the younger guys, they’ll talk with deep breathing because they are afraid to be like, ‘I want to say this. Pause. Let the crowd react.’ He really had some great nuances with that. That’s what Sammy Guevara and Danny Garcia are learning. Guys have to learn when they haven’t had a lot of promos, really how to hone in what you are and how to hold the crowd in the palm of your hand without saying a word. At the click of a pen, shall we say. Ricky is really starting to hone in on that and figure it out, which has been great,”

Chris Jericho

Ricky Starks’ ability to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand without even saying a word has been impressive, and he has clearly been learning and improving with each passing week. The upcoming one-on-one match between Starks and Jericho at AEW Revolution has the potential to propel Starks to even greater heights in the company.

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