Bryan Danielson Saw Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston As A Major Demoralizing Moment

Even a few years on, many people still feel it was a horrible booking decision. This is because fans and pro wrestlers alike felt Kofi Kingston deserved better than to get humiliated like that.

While speaking to Cameron Hawkins of The Ringer, Bryan Danielson talked about the aforementioned squash match. Danielson stated that he was the most demoralized when Lesnar squashed Kingston.

To me, the whole thing [KofiMania] was magic,” Danielson explains. “And you look at the live events, like the number of shows that he did for WWE, the amount of TV time that he [Kingston] filled in every time, going out there and always having a positive attitude and all that kind of stuff. What a great human being, you know what I mean? Like I said, it was my favorite match. I think the whole thing was my favorite part of my WWE career. And conversely, the most demoralized I ever was was seeing him lose it to Brock Lesnar the way that he did.”.

Bryan Danielson

That squash match was used as a way to introduce Cain Velasquez during SmackDown’s FOX debut. In the end, it only resulted in one Saudi Arabian match for Cain and Brock.

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