IMPACT Wrestling EVP Scott D’Amore Talks IMPACT Returning to Canada and the UK Next Year

Look for IMPACT Wrestling to return to both Canada and the UK sometime next year. It’s been hard with COVID 19 restrictions, but those have now been lifted.

Speaking with PWInsider, D’Amore was asked about IMPACT potentially returning to Canada and the UK for live events. He emphasized that IMPACT loves its Canadian roots, and the company wants to venture up north.

“Absolutely. You know, Anthem has a beautiful flagship office right in downtown Toronto. You know, obviously, I’m born and raised and still reside in Windsor, Ontario. You know, we love our Canadian roots. We have a great passionate fan base here. We have a great, passionate, you know, following here that follows us on Fite TV, follows us on Game TV, and follows us through all the other platforms and do we want to return? Absolutely. I think one of the biggest steps was the fact that you know, just as of this past weekend, Canada’s finally lifted a lot of the requirements that could potentially be problematic for coming into the country. So those have been lifted and we look forward to in 2023, seeing a return to Canada and seeing a return to the UK. It’s time for us to get back out there and get to our fans around the world,” D’Amore said.

As a big IMPACT fan, and seeing other companies around them running shows In both locations recently, this is huge news that the fans have been waiting for.

H/T Fightful’s Colin Tessier. Original Article here

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