Shayna Baszler Defends Ronda Rousey From Fans Criticism

Shayna Baszler has had enough.

For those who are not aware, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler are very close friends. Ronda even promoted a video on her Twitter and YouTube featuring the two discussing Rousey’s program with Natalya.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Baszler explained that Ronda is the type of person who would give her the shirt off her back and explained why criticism of Ronda bothers her.

“Here’s the thing, I know Ronda enough to know that she does not spend her time on social media. Anytime she comments is because someone has said, ‘Hey, Ronda, you should comment on this,’ which isn’t often because she’ll still be like, ‘Why? Who cares?’ I get frustrated when, it’s a little more selfish than that, I get frustrated if I ever were to speak out. If someone were to say something like, ‘Name the top three women’s fighters of all time.’ If I put Ronda in that list, immediately, they’re like, ‘Nope, she got exposed.’ Even now, it’s bothering me in a hypothetical. Just because she lost and you didn’t like her personality, you’re letting it cloud the fact that she changed women’s fighting. There would not be women in the UFC, at least not for a while, if it wasn’t for her. To deny that she did great things, to discredit her just because she had a loss and you didn’t like her personality, I feel like if she had lost and then came on a podcast and been like, ‘I lost,’ and been super humble and not Ronda, not herself, people would say she’s the greatest ever, but because she lost and took it to heart and hated it, people hate her, so they have to discredit everything about it. That’s annoying to me. I can say that I might not enjoy that Amanda Nunes beat Ronda and talked smack about her after, but I can say that Amanda Nunes is one of the best women’s fighters of all-time. I can do that. It bothers me that regular fans can’t do that,” 

Shayna Baszler to Out Of Character with Ryan Satin

Shayna clearly thinks that Ronda gets too much criticizm from fans. Ronda has drawn the ire of fans for a number of reasons. She has a problematic past that has reared its head recently. Time will tell if fans will heed Baszler’s words.

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