Paige Says Kane Is No Friend Of Hers Following Roe Vs Wade Reaction

Paige is not a fan of Kane’s anymore.

Kane (Glenn Jacobs) recently took to Twitter, celebrating the overturned Roe vs Wade decision by the US supreme court and received major backlash from wrestlers and fans alike. Paige in particular has been taking no prisoners with her comments.

A fan asked Paige why she was insulting Kane in her tweet, adding that he’s a good friend of hers. Paige made it clear Kane is not her friend.

People who agree with women losing the right to their own bodies is not a friend of mine.

Paige is set to leave the WWE on July 7th, so it is unlikely Paige will receive any backlash regarding her comments towards Kane. Many have said they want to see Paige in AEW or another top wrestling promotion but time will tell where Paige will sign.

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