Aliyah’s Parents Did Not Want Her Pursuing A Wrestling Career

One of WWE’s brightest potential stars comments on how her family reacted to her wanting to train.

Aliyah has had a couple of months that have been good for the burgeoning star. Holding the record for the fastest win in WWE history, Aliyah has been involved in a feud with Shotzi on Smackdown, but was pulled from last week’s edition of the blue brand due to an undisclosed injury.

While speaking with Al Jazeera, Aliyah told a story of how her parents reacted to her training to be a pro wrestler.

“The first time I told them, they were like ‘No!’ At first they weren’t supportive at all. So I had to hide it from them. I would tell them I was going to my part-time job but I would take the subway across town and I would train at this warehouse,”

“My parents discovered knee pads and training shoes in my backpack and were like ‘what is this?’. They even showed up to my ‘job’ and I wasn’t there, so it was a red flag for them.”

Aliyah to Al Jazeera

Aliyah would go on to say that her parents are now her biggest supports of her pro wrestling career. It’s a good thing Aliyah trained anyway and hopefully as an Arabic woman, she can inspire a generation of talent to do the same.

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