Why Paige Would Be Perfect For The Judgement Day

 Factions are in vogue in pro wrestling. New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Bullet Club is on an upswing with the shocking addition of longtime babyface Juice Robinson. Blackpool Combat Club is one of All Elite Wrestling’s hottest acts.  World Wrestling Entertainment  has fumbled with factions in the past, like the Hurt Business and RETRIBUTION. However, their answer to the recent rise of factions is Edge’s vampire stable, The Judgement Day. The Judgement Day was born on Night 2 of WrestleMania 38, when Edge unveiled a new vampiric heel gimmick during his match against A.J. Styles. Damien Priest was also revealed as Edge’s acolyte, in a heel turn for the former United States Champion. Rhea Ripley joined the faction at WrestleMania Backlash. Edge’s stable is growing, and he’s recently taken to Twitter to tease who else he would like to bring to the dark side.

Edge Tweets Dream Members of The Judgement Day

Edge’s first Tweet was of  Ciampa, on May 18. Ciampa would be an ideal member of a dominant heel faction. Although he was a popular babyface during his last run on NXT 2.0, he can also portray a gritty heel. He is one of WWE’s most formidable fighters, and would be an asset representing the faction in the ring in singles’ matches, or tagging alongside Damien Priest. On May 19, Edge Tweeted a picture of Paige, adding her to his dream cast. Paige responded by Tweeting a gif of herself stirring up applause from an excited crowd, seemingly signaling that she would be down to join Edge’s squad.

Paige’s Long Road Back to the Ring

This is not the first time that Paige has expressed a desire to get back into action in some capacity in WWE. After retiring in 2018 due to a neck injury, the inaugural NXT women’s champion and youngest WWE Divas champion in history served non-wrestling on-screen roles. She portrayed the general manager of Friday Night SmackDown, and managed Asuka and Kairi Sane as the Kabuki Warriors. She has found success as a Twitch streamer and sometimes fills in on pre-show commentary of WWE pay per views, but Paige was born into the pro wrestling business and her heart is in the ring. She has stated in the past that she does intend to return to the ring, but is giving her neck time to heal. 

Why The Judgement Day is the Perfect Fit for Paige

Paige was an electrifying presence in the ring. Her talent and persona were a stark contrast to WWE’s mold of a female performer when she made her main roster debut. Her goth, rocker image, brash confidence, and athletic wrestling style were a far cry from what the audience was used to, and helped drive the demand for WWE to reform its women’s division. By the time the ‘women’s revolution’ was in full swing, Paige was retired at age 25. She was unable to actively compete  in WWE’s first, and so far only all female ppv, Evolution. It’s saddening, given that the evolution and the revolution of WWE’s women’s division could be said to have started with her. 

Paige’s legacy is that of a rebel and a trailblazer. The dark allure of The Judgement Day would be a perfect fit for Paige’s edgy persona. Vampire Paige would certainly delight fans. She could fulfill the role of Rhea Ripley’s manager, accompanying her to the ring during her matches and perhaps causing trouble for Ripley’s opponents like Liv Morgan, who has allied herself with The Judgement Day’s enemies Finn Balor and A.J. Styles. While her prowess in-ring is well known, through her past manager, general manager, and  WWE broadcaster roles and Twitch endeavors, Paige has proven that she can excel and command attention outside of the ring, as well. 

If Paige is able to compete in-ring again, then a return to action tagging alongside Ripley representing the Judgement Day would be sure to be crowd-pleasing. 


The Judgement Day has taken off quickly as a faction, and Paige was always a popular performer. If she is able to make Edge’s wish come true and return to Raw as a member of The Judgement Day, it would be a welcome return for a Superstar whose career has been in limbo since her injury. Paige has gotten neither a final farewell or a fresh start with WWE. Serving in a non-wrestling role while in the vampiric faction while continuing to prepare for her in-ring return would be the proverbial best of both worlds. 

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