Corey Graves Finds Commentating On Liv Morgan Difficult In WWE

Some superstars are harder to commentate on then others.

Commentators have a difficult job in WWE. Their jobs are to describe the action for the fans at home, providing play by play and context to the situation that we are witnessing on screen. Some commentators are better than others at their job. Corey Graves is a commentator that does a good job of selling the talent in the ring.

While speaking on his After The Bell podcast, Corey Graves said it is his responsibility as a commentator to “sell” WWE Superstars to the fans. He then stated that he finds it difficult to commentate on Liv Morgan.

“I have trouble selling Liv because I can’t put a label on Liv, which I understand it sounds negative or backward. I’m not asking her to put a label on herself, I’m just trying to find out still.”

We know she’s a wildly talented in-ring competitor. We know she’s charismatic, she’s attractive, she’s bubbly, she’s got a big personality. Liv’s got all the ingredients. Liv has all the tools to be a megastar. But I feel like there’s something that just hasn’t clicked.” 

Corey Graves on After The Bell

Time will tell if Graves can click with Liv Morgans style. What do you make of Corey Graves’ commentary in general? Let us know in the comments section and on our social media pages!

H/T To RingsideNews for transcription

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