Jack Evans Announces He Will Not Be Re-Signed By AEW, Contract Set To Expire At End Of The Month

AEW Star Jack Evans will not be re-signed to the company when his contract expires at the end of April.

Jack Evans announced earlier today on social media that his time with All Elite Wrestling will come to an end at the end of April, when his contract expires and that he will not be re-signed. Evans added that his time with AEW has been fun and enjoyable, and he went on to thank everyone in the company as well as the AEW fans for the opportunity.

“My time with #AEW has been a fun and enjoyable but it has come to an end as I will not be re-signed when my contract ends at the end of April. I’d like to thank everyone at AEW and the AEW fans for the opportunity.”

Fans responded to Jack Evans announcement on his future with AEW, citing their displeasure. One fan commented on the news, saying that it was heartless. Evans responded to this, voicing his disagreement in the statement. He added that it is just part of the business, and that he wasn’t adding any value to the company, and with a roster that big you “gotta make cuts.”

“Nah it is part of the business. Not to diss myself but I wasn’t giving any added value to the company truthfully and with a big roster you do gotta make cuts.”

A fan followed up Evans’ announcement by asking him why we hadn’t seen him on TV in months, despite his tag team partner in TH2, Angelico recently returning. Evans stated that giving coveted airtime to a soon to be released talent, isn’t how it’s done.

“There is only a set amount of time a company has so giving a soon to be released talent coveted airtime isn’t how it is done.”

Jack Evans originally signed with All Elite Wrestling back in May of 2019, and he was part of AEW’s original roster.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything more about Jack Evans future, after his time with AEW is up at the end of this month.

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