The Forbidden Door is Opening Even More!

One of the things wrestling fans all over the world have been waiting for a long time has been a supershow between AEW and NJPW.

When AEW and NJPW put their differences aside and starting finally working with each other it was something special, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic any chance of an AEW-NJPW show had to be put on hold but 2022 is the year it finally happen.

NJPW this year has not been a stranger with supershows with another promotion like we saw with NOAH on January 8. After this show took place, speculation about a potential show with AEW began.

This AEW-NJPW supershow should look at the Wrestle Kingdom 16 day 3 card and learn from it. One of the biggest negatives of NOAH-NJPW show was that it featured way too many tag team and multiman matches instead of interest single bouts between the wrestlers of both promotions. Hopefully Gedo and Tony Khan have a plan for such a show of this magnitude.

Another topic related to this show is if IMPACT should be involved, and the answer is no. IMPACT had improved in some ways but this first supershow should be just about NJPW and AEW, there will be other shows where IMPACT can be part of, but now it’s not the time.

If this show is a success, we might see NJPW and AEW doing more of this supershows more often in the US and Japan. It’s so good to be s wrestling fan right now.