Exclusive: Janai Kai Talks About Meeting Tony Khan Following Her Match With Jade Cargill On AEW Rampage

Independent Wrestling star Janai Kai grabbed the attention of many following her recent match on AEW Rampage against Jade Cargill.

Janai was trained by AEW Star Thunder Rosa, who made the save on Kai after she was attacked by Jade Cargill post match following her win over the indie standout. Prior to her appearance on AEW television, Janai Kai has made her name on the independent circuit competing for Jersey Championship Wrestling, GCW, Mission Pro, and even an appearance on Ring of Honor television.

Janai Kai recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Bodyslam’s The Roundtable Pro Wrestling podcast. During the interview her match on AEW Rampage against Jade Cargill came up. She said that after her match she didn’t even really get to meet Tony Khan, because he was so busy at gorilla position. Instead, it was just a quick handshake and thank you from the AEW Owner and President. She added that she doesn’t even know exactly what he thought about her match, but she felt everything in the ring with Jade went very well.

Janai also said that she would like to show more of what she can do in the ring.

BB: What was the response to you at AEW?

Janai Kai: Um so after my match I, I didn’t meet Tony Kahn. He was like he was very busy he was at Gorilla. So I, I met him real quick shook his hand and said thank you and everything. So I’m not sure exactly what he thought of everything but um with the overall um situation in the ring with Jade it went really well like we did what we needed to do um but you know I would like to show more.

You can watch Jade Cargill vs. Janai Kai from AEW Rampage below.

You can see Janai’s match against Thunder Rosa at Mission Pro below.

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