Exclusive: Janai Kai Talks About Her ROH Debut A Week After Company Announced 2022 Hiatus

One of the hottest names on the independent wrestling circuit recently has been Janai Kai, who recently appeared on an episode of AEW Rampage in a losing effort against Jade Cargill.

Janai Kai is a student of Thunder Rosa, and has been featured prominently on numerous Jersey Championship Wrestling events this year, as well as Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport.

Kai recently sat down with for an exclusive interview with independent wrestler Badd Blood and the Roundtable Pro Wrestling podcast. During the interview, Janai Kai was asked about her recent appearance on Ring of Honor television, which came a week after the news broke of the company’s planned hiatus for the first part of 2022.

Kai talked about her experience at the Ring of Honor tapings, and the mood in the locker room in the wake of the shocking news of the company’s planned hiatus and releasing all talent from their contracts.

BB: “So, tell us about your ring of honor time.”

Janai Kai: “Oh, Ring of Honor. I was really, really nervous to be honest because with Ring of Honor I’ve tape study Ring of Honor for the longest time. So just the fact that I was there it was just so surreal to me and with the situation going on with Ring of Honor just ending basically this Year.”

Um it was kind of weird for me to be there too because, because of that but being around the girls and you know like they were developing like a whole woman’s roster they were all there and they all welcomed me with open arms, so I was very thankful for that. Um but everyone was so friendly like super friendly and it’s not shocking but it’s, it’s just great to have that because they were also a great locker room since we were talking about like AEW being a good locker room. Ring of Honor was also a very, very great locker room to be around.

BB: “So, did you did you know that that was going to be like the Ring of Honor was going to shut his doors like were there any inclinations about it at all.”

Janai Kai: “This is legit like the week after it was announced so this is the week after everyone got cut basically so yeah it was very like what I’m coming in here in these tapings right now when everyone basically got that that heads up that they’re getting cut and it’s kind of weird but it’s like all right hi hello everybody yeah, I’m new awkward moment.”

BB: “Like I’m here for a minute.”

Janai Kai: “Yeah, I’m just here for a minute too you know.”

You can check out the entire interview Janai Kai did with us here at Bodyslam below.

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