Why Tony Khan Needs A Middleman

Tony Khan has been one of the best bookers and wrestling promoters in the business. You can tell he loves professional wrestling. I love his enthusiasm and care for his wrestlers. However, Tony has too much on his plate to focus just on wrestling. He’s got a football team, a soccer club, and other avenues which take up part of his time. Tony needs a second hand person who knows the business of wrestling.Vince had Triple H to fill a role like this. 

Vince knew he was a busy man, so he had no problems letting others help. He brought on John Laurinaitis, Bruce Pritchard, Nick Khan, and etc. Vince knows how to delegate. I also fully understand that he has EVPs, like Cody Rhodes, who do business on his behalf. Cody is now a new father and probably wants to focus on life outside of wrestling. 

Tony does a good job but he can’t be everywhere. He does radio interviews, booking, and talent relations. Tony is a business man but he’s not a wrestler, therefore he doesn’t see things from that perspective. Khan needs a fresh point of view from someone not so close to the source. Someone who knows everyone in the locker room and can still separate themself from the madness. 

HHH saw talent and helped guide them. He molded them into what he thought was a solid wrestler. He helped tons of new rookie wrestlers become even better. He understood TV and how to play to the camera. Like him or not, Paul was a good worker and he passed that along to members of the NXT roster. 

I’m not advocating for Tony to poach HHH, but I do have someone in mind to take this spot. I would suggest Steve Borden, also known as Sting. This is obviously a guy who knows wrestling. He’s excelled at it for years. He’s known as ‘The Icon’ for a reason. He’s above every other candidate professional. He carries no baggage like a Flair or Jericho. He knows business as well because he also has ventures outside of wrestling, such as being a realtor. 

Sting, while in AEW, has shown he loves the talent and likes working with them. Unlike the EVPs, Sting would be able to separate himself from the boys. Like his crow gimmick, Steve is very laid back and like a wise old sage. Wrestlers will respect him, and he can share valuable knowledge with them.Sting, unlike a JR, is in good health. Sting looks great and can still go. Soon, his time with Darby Allin will end. If he truly loves AEW, this is a perfect set up for the Stinger. 

He could give back to the company that gave him a second chance. He could be off screen, and do all the good things in day to day operations. Sting is a legend, his kids are grown, and he seems to be enjoying himself. 

There are probably others who will be okay at it. However, Sting is my standout candidate.