The Perfect Debut

The debut of any pro-wrestler is one of the most important moments in the career of any pro-wrestler. HOOK’s debut was perfect for him in a lot of ways and we’ll look at this match down the line as the beginning of something special.

AEW did a great job making fans wait for HOOK’s in-ring debut. For almost a year, fans waited to see his debut and when it finally happened it became an event and their was a lot of hype behind it on Friday. While we waited for HOOK’s debut, AEW gave us teases of HOOK’s in-ring prowess during match of Team Taz members with several moves done to their opponents here and there.

AEW taking their time with HOOK also allowed him to be ready at his own time and not being rushed, a mistake a lot of promotion do with prospects like HOOK. HOOK was training with QT Marshall and Create-A-Pro for a long time.

From the start, HOOK’s debut was awesome. HOOK coming out to The Chairman’s Intent by Action Bronson was a fantastic choice for his theme entrance. These details are important for the presentation of any wrestler and this help HOOK a lot.

HOOK has a great look and his in-ring gear was unique and that was a right choice made by him. HOOK looked like a badass kickboxer and even the way he walked to the ring he looked like a killer. HOOK is just a naturally cool dude and AEW help him with that even before the match began.

Fuego del Sol was the right opponent for HOOK and deserves a lot of the credit for the success this match saw. Fuego made every single move from HOOK look great and that had an impact to it. The match itself was booked perfectly, with HOOK dominating 95% of the match and winning the bout with REDRUM ( Tazmission renamed).

What also made HOOK’s debut special was the fact Taz (HOOK’s dad) was on the commentary table and commentating the match and putting over HOOK as much as he could in the most natural way possible.

AEW have something special with HOOK. AEW is a promotion that despite being around for just 3 years is thinking long term and has a lot of young wrestlers ready to make that next step and HOOK is one of them. If AEW play their cards right, they have on their hands a big star on the making.