Prior to His Release, Keith Lee Allegedly Had Attitude Issues

In light of Keith Lee’s unexpected release, it has come out that Lee had exhibited ‘attitude issues’ backstage prior to his release.

Following Keith Lee’s suprising release on Thursday, it has been released that some within WWE have felt that Lee had ‘attitude issues’ backstage. 

PWTorch’s Wade Keller on the PWTorch VIP podcast (h/t Subhojeet Mukherjee of Ringside News) said that he had heard from those within WWE that Keith had developed a bad or negative attitude because of his booking. 

Keller said that at least one person said Keith had “perceived attitude issues,” while others decisively concluded that he had ‘attitude problems’.

Keller also noted that some within the company pushing and hoping for Lee’s success “became frustrated with him.”

Keller heard that Keith would have a shift in mood/attitude when he was told he would be taking a loss.

In recent weeks prior to his release, Keith Lee debuted a new gimmick as ‘Keith “Bearcat” Lee’. It was assumed by many that Lee had pitched and came up with this gimmick himself. It seemed to be a tribute to the first Black World Heavyweight Champion, Bearcat Wright. Lee shot this line of thinking down in the comments of an Instagram post he made prior to being released. Someone commented on this post saying, “this whole Bearcat thing was his idea.” Keith responded by saying, “No. It was not. Lol.” (h/t Sean Rueter of Cageside Seats)

​Keith’s character has undergone many transitions throughout his time on the main-roster. In NXT, he was portrayed as a Final Boss, even holding the North American and NXT Championship at the same time. We even saw a transition in his gear and entrance music. 

Keith revealed that he was out for five months due to heart issues brought on by COVID-19. Lee re-debuted in July against Bobby Lashley as a part of his open challenge in a losing effort. 

After looking at everything that happened in his WWE main roster career, it is understandable if Lee did indeed have a shift in attitude once this booking began. 

Even though Lee was unable to reach the heights many of us wish he did, it is very likely he will be in high-demand after his non-compete clause is up. It is assumed that Keith will have a 90-Day Non-Compete, unless he decides to waive it. In February, we may see Lee show up anywhere; including promotions like AEW, Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling among others.