Lince Dorado Defends Himself Against Insensitive Comments

Lince Dorado, who was recently released, has stuck up for himself through drama surrounding him on Twitter.

Lince Dorado was a part of the most recent round of WWE releases. It was reported back in September of this year that his partner, Gran Metalik, had put in a request for his release

Cody Silagy, known as the father of wrestling superfan/personality Izzy, took to social media to post an insensitive tweet on November 4. Silagyi has since deleted this original tweet, which stated:

“@LuchadorLD Good Luck in your future endeavors,” with a smiley face emoji.

Dorado did not take too kindly to this tweet responding with the following:

“Don’t worry fam, I’ see you. @Cody_Starbuck soon. I’ll be at #silverspursarena today at 4 after my competition. Come down and talk. We gonna talk or what?”

Following this tweet, Cody released an apology for his tweet. The apology says:

“Lince, No need to talk because I have truly already said too much. I am man enough to admit when I’m wrong. I sincerely apologize for my insensitive tweet on Thursday. Deleting the tweet is not enough. I owe you a direct apology. I also recognize and respect what you are dealing with professionally in this moment. I should have never made such a rude, off the cuff remark. Again, I truly apologize for my actions. You are a talented wrestler I know that you will continue to thrive in the pro wrestling business. I want you to know that with sincerity I do wish you and your family all the best. #apology” 

Following the apology, Silagyi deactivated his Twitter account. Lince said in a reply to a tweet by @CheeseburgerROH:

‘Someone said an apology was issued, but I haven’t seen anyone in my face say anything to me. Be there at 4 fam.’

It is obvious that Dorado was not willing to accept the apology unless it was delivered face to face.

In other tweets, Lince let his followers know he had purchased a ticket and parking pass to the event for Izzy’s dad. Around an hour and twenty minutes after the time Lince requested for Cody to meet him, he simply tweeted, ‘​​No showed.’ We all assumed that Cody wouldn’t show up due to him activating his page and not even responding to Dorado. 

Through this exchange, Lince has proven he demands respect, and it is incredibly admirable. Fans tend to forget that even though wrestlers may be accessible; that is not an excuse to disrespect or belittle them. It can be assumed that no one will ever initiate drama with Lince again.