Triple H Will Still Have Some Control In NXT

Yesterday we reported that big changes were starting to take shape in the form of Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard taking the reigns of creative in NXT. This left many fans curious and wondering if Triple H would be demoted or if he would still have a say in the product. Well, it seems we may have some answers to this situation.

According to a report from wrestle Votes, Triple H, Shawn Michales, William Regal, and Matt Bloom are still very much in control of things. The changes within the company are being called “subtle.”

After talking to sources regarding NXT: the day-to-day operation isn’t changing that drastically.

Still very much in the hands of HHH, HBK, Regal, Bloom, etc However, the look of the weekly TV product will have a “Vince & Co” stamp on it. I expect it to be subtle to start… then?

Live shows are set to begin again on September 14. Now that the new NXT is taking shape, we will have to see how things are looking in a couple of months.