AEW Dynamite Results And Review – September 1st, 2021

AEW Dynamite episode 100 comes to the Now Area in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Head over to for more great content and visit BodySlam on Twitter for the latest and greatest news and wrestling articles! Now onto the show!

FTR Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler W/ Tully Blanchard vs. Proud n Powerful Santana & Ortiz 

AEW Dynamite starts off with a banger! Cash Wheeler was holding his arm that was cut open a few weeks ago. Fast paced style while Santana and Ortiz were in control but when FTR would flip the switch they would slow it down and put the boots to Proud n Powerful. FTR hit the Big Rig on Ortiz but Santana broke it up right at 2 and 9/10th!! Proud and Powerful pick up the win in a great tag team match.

We hear from CM Punk! Punk is nervous about his match at all out with Darby Allin. 2.0 and Micheal Garica attack Punk and lay him out until Darby Aliin and Sting save the Straight Edge superstar. Sting then gets on the mic and says Darby is ready and he hopes Punk is ready, Sting will stay backstage and watch Punk take on Darby Allin at All Out!

Backstage Tony Schiavone talks to MJF. MJF lays out yet another great promo about how great Chris Jericho was but he is a shell of himself. MJF will fill Jericho’s shoes and says he will end the GOAT. 

Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans W/ Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy Jumps Orange Cassidy before the match but Hardy gets ejected and sent to the back. Jack Evans takes advantage of the distracted Orange Cassidy. Cassidy gets a roll up win but Matt Hardy attacks Orange Cassidy, the rest of the Hardy Family Office (HFO) make their way to the ring but Jurassic Express run off the HFO. 

Eddie Kingston and TNT Championship Miro talk about their match at All Out. Kingston says he’s coming for Miro’s neck and title but Miro says he is god’s favorite champion and will not lose. 

Jim Ross interviews Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho will not lose to MJF or he will go full time at the commentary table.

Brian Cage vs. Powerhouse Will Hobbs

Cage and Hobbs had a good quick match here with Ricky Starks hitting Cage with the FTW Championship while the referee was distracted by Taz son Hook. Powerhouse Will Hobbs pinned Brian Cage.

QT Marshall is with The Factory and calls out Paul Wight. He comes out and takes out The Factory. The Gunn Club comes out to help clear the ring but Billy Gunn turns on Paul Wight and hits him with a steel chair. QT Marshall then gets back in the ring and hits a Diamond Cutter to Paul Wight.

Penelope Ford W/ The Bunny vs. Tay Conti

Tay Conti attacks both Penelope Ford and The Bunny before the match. Conti is in full control until Conti goes for a top rope move and Penelope Ford hits the ropes, hanging Conti over the ropes to the mat. Both competitors hit big finishing moves and submission, The Bunny tries to help Ford but Tay Conti rolls up Ford for the win. Ford and The Bunny attack Tay Conti but Anna Jay returns and runs off Ford and The Bunny.

The Elite vs. Lucha Bros & Jurassic Express 

The AEW & IMPACT Tag Team Champions team up to face off against Lucha Bros & Jurassic Express. Not a huge write up on this match, I could not look away from the TV. Meltzer Driver from the Young Bucks to Rey Fenix ends this great tag match. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega joins The Elite. The Good Brothers send Luchasaurus through a table. Christian Cage tries to help but The Elite. Kenny Omega brings the cage down from the ceiling. 

Match of the Night: The Elite vs. Lucha Bros & Jurassic Express