Tony Khan Confirms More Additions To Roster Coming

Since the Rampage on August 20 where we saw the debut of CM Punk to AEW, many fans have wonder who else in free agency the company would sign. we here at broke the news that AEW has signed Bryan Danielson and now we know that his debut has been pushed up to All Out other than the Arthur Ash stadium show in response to rising fear in the company of the recent covid spike. Now it seems more talent is being signed.

During a recent interview on the Wrestling Observer Radio, Tony khan was very quiet on the Bryan Danielson situation but was more open when asked if fans should expect more new talent to appear soon.

“I’m definitely going to make multiple additions over the next four to six months. I think there will some activity in the near future. I’m not going to say what it is, and I don’t think anyone would want me to just like I don’t think they would have wanted me to with any confirmation going into the First Dance and how that was going to come off. I definitely will be active and have been active in signing people from day one in this company and recruiting talent is key to any pro wrestling company.”

Kahn went on to say that, ” I believe we’ve built as good a roster as anyone could have in this amount of time.”With big names out their still looking for a home like Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowmen, Ruby Soho, and as of today Adam Cole it will be interesting to see who the company add to the roster but any of these name is sure to make a splash with the company.