MV Young’s PolyAmWoodstock Show Shut Down by Police

August 28th was supposed to be a great day for indie wrestling. PolyAm King MV Young had planned a show featuring a bevy of amazing talent. This was a show people were driving miles to see and seemed to be on the tip of indie wrestling fans tongues all week. The show was broadcast on the twitch channel for anyone who wanted to watch.

The wrestlers would be able to be tipped while they were wrestling from fans watching at home. The show was being held in a backyard in upstate New York. Unfortunately, based on tweets flooding Twitter, it was shut down because of a neighbor in the area.

Here is the aforementioned neighbor that called the police

If you’d like to support the people who lost money trying to entertain you today you can look under this tweet

Erica Leigh Miller tried to bring some levity to the situation by saying she was the one who shut it down

Hopefully we will have more information on this soon and ways to help talent. You can also search #PolyAmWoodstock to see who was performing or helping if you’d like to help them out.